Eye Candy: Dolvett Quince

Eye Candy: Dolvett Quince
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 22, 2012

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When he’s not helping contestants on The Biggest Loser push past the pain, celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince is whipping your favorite celebs into shape at his popular Body Sculptor gym in Atlanta.

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We asked Quince, who’s single, what type of woman could stop him in his tracks, turn the tables, and whip him into shape. He said, “I like a woman that’s funny and a woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously, but at the same time knows how to be serious. Family has to matter to her because it matters to me.”

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Quince may be known as the hunky trainer on The Biggest Loser to most, but in Atlanta, he’s best known for his dedication to promoting healthy lifestyle awareness throughout the city and is quite popular on the social scene.

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Quince, who grew up in Stanford, Connecticut, values a woman’s mind as well. His dream girl, he says, “should be intelligent but witty — you know, with book smarts and streets smarts too.”

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Quince is a certified master trainer who took his desires to help others transform their minds and bodies to the next level in 2004 when he opened his first Body Sculptor Fitness Studio in Atlanta’s swank Buckhead neighborhood. Celebs such as Janet Jackson, Boris Kodjoe, and Nicole Ari Parker have all come to his exclusive workout space to get their bodies Hollywood ready.

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Let’s all pause for a moment and admire the wonder that is Quince’s 12-pack. Is it hot in here?

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In addition to training and running a gym, Quince is very active in his community. He’s involved with Bert’s Big Adventure and also with charities and organizations that focus on Breast Cancer and Cystic Fibrosis.

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Since Quince usually keeps his shirt on during the show, it sure is nice to see him let loose. Sigh. Absolute perfection!

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Quince created the popular “Me and My Chair Workout” DVD, a low-impact, high intensity 30-minute workout system that helps users tone up and slim down while using only a household chair as equipment.

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“Feet are the sexiest part of a woman’s body,” says Quince. “I love it when a woman takes care of her feet. If she takes her shoes off and her feet are as well kept as her hands or anything else she shows off all the time, it really says a lot about her.”

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Quince says although every man has different preferences, if you want to wow him with your fit body, focus on your lower half. “I would say that legs stand out and her lower body for sure,” he says. “You love to see a woman coming to you and you like to watch them walk away.”

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Quince tells us he has a 20-city fitness tour in the works and plans to write a book in 2012. Although he wouldn’t reveal many details, he promises that Dolvett.com is coming soon, and will be “awesome.”