Eye Candy: Deliciously Dark Brothers

Eye Candy: Deliciously Dark Brothers
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 30, 2010

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We can’t say it enough, we love dark chocolate brothers. Perfect example — Don Cheadle. Those intense, dark eyes and that smooth, sexy complexion make us swoon. Not to mention, the brother’s got talent. Shall we take a look at the other gents?

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How do we love Derek Luke? Let’s count the ways. Those soft, dark brown eyes, those luscious full lips, that smooth dark chocolate skin, those strong shoulders… wait, there’s more …

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No matter what, we keep coming back to British actor Idris Elba for his devastating looks and even more appealing swagger.

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We knew Mechad Brooks was sexy, but we didn’t know he was so ripped until we saw his Calvin Klein underwear ad. We wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

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Morris Chestnut may be the sexiest bald-headed man in Hollywood. He is the epitome of the perfect dark chocolate man.

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Our hearts beat for Jamaican fashion model Oraine Barrett. His piercing eyes and island swagger make us swoon. That sexy scar adds an element of danger to such a beautiful face.

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Look at the dimples on Lamman Rucker. We melt every time he flashes that cute smile. And we can’t help but notice his tall frame and broad shoulders. Simply delicious.

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OK, Kimora, we’re jealous! The model turned mogul struck gold when she got hitched to actor Djimon Hounsou…

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Haitian model and actor Jimmy Jean-Louis is so hot we have to splash water on our faces every time he flashes across our TV screens.

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He may be 40 now, but Tyson Beckford makes us weak in the knees like we’re 19-year-old girls. Those sultry eyes and ever-puckered lips give us a rush.

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Blair Underwood is so dreamy, we’ve been swooning over him for more than two decades. He takes a piece of our hearts with him every time he stares into the camera.

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This chocolate young’un has had us in a tizzy ever since we laid eyes on him. We love a man who is aware of his sexy, and Lance Gross wears it well.

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We’re pretty sure women have written poems about actor Nate Parker’s lips and sexy smooth complexion. We could spend ages pondering his sweet smile and cute dimples.

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Dwyane Wade is Miami’s best kept secret in more ways than one. The 6’4" baller is an all star in the looks department.

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Choreographer and dancer Darrin Dewitt Henson danced his way into our hearts when he starred in “Stomp the Yard” in 2003. He never left. We’re not complaining.

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Look at the lips on Nigerian-English “OZ” and “Lost” actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. We want to kiss him on the mouth and lick that smooth chocolate face.

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We like staring at Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s cute face when he’s on the red carpet and we love staring at his cute butt when he’s on the field.

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Denzel, Denzel, Denzel… The fine actor grows even more gorgeous as the years go by.

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