Eye Candy: DB Woodside

Eye Candy: D.B. Woodside

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 24, 2011

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When Vh1's Single Ladies first season debuted last summer, women across the country tuned in every Monday night for two reasons: 1. To see what the ladies' latest drama was all about. 2. For more Malcolm! Since the minute he stepped into the shot, DB Woodside's character Malcolm has been an instant hit with female fans. He's sexy. He's smooth. And, most importantly, he's back for the show's second season, which debuts May 28th at 9 p.m. ET.

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"Malcolm has a low threshold for bullshit, he's just straight up, and so do I," says Woodside. "Malcolm is a romantic, and so am I." His winning smile is just another one of the many things we love about Mr. Woodside and Malcolm.

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Like your men nice and tall? Standing tall at 6'3", Woodside's gorgeousness towers above the rest.

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“Malcolm is doing more of what Malcolm does, which is causing a little bit of chaos,” says Woodside, when asked about what his character, who fans love to hate, will be up in season two. “I always say that Malcom is a guy who’s had some issue with the law, and that’s always going to be a part of him. He has a good heart and wants to do the right thing, but at times, he does the wrong thing to get to the right thing. I think he’s going to do a little more of that this year, for sure.”

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“I love working with LisaRaye,” admits Woodside. Their characters play love interests with unbelievable chemistry. “I love it. I don’t want to give anything away, but our characters go through what I would call growing pains this year, so I didn’t get a chance to work with her as much as I would have liked. She makes coming to work every day a joy. When I’m not given a chance to work with her as much as I’d like, it makes me miss her.”

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“Fatherhood is great,” says Woodside, who’s the proud father of a 2-year-old daughter. “I have the most adorable little girl on the face of the earth. She has changed me in so many ways. Having a little girl just changes you as a man. It changes the way you look at laws, politics; it just changes you. It makes you a more passionate and thoughtful human being.”

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Woodside has gained a much larger fan base since starring in Single Ladies but his most loyal ones know he’s been doing his thing on screen for many years. He began his acting career in the early ’90s, and has starred on hit TV shows like 24. He even has a degree from the Yale School of Drama.

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It’s no secret that in addition to his acting talents, Woodside is quite blessed in the looks department too. Proving here that you don’t need to take your shirt off to win over the ladies.

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The on-screen chemistry between Woodside’s Malcolm and LisaRaye McCoy’s Keisha Greene is steamy and intense, making him all the more lovable to the ladies watching along.

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“Every character that I play has a little of DB in there,” says Woodside, when asked how he gets into character during he an McCoy’s steamy love scenes. “I have to have something real to draw from. At the end of the day we’re story tellers, but I always need to draw from real experiences or a feeling I have about a certain situation, character or relationship. LisaRaye is an absolutely gorgeous woman with an amazing sense of humor, and her personality is off the charts. We just really click.”

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On Single Ladies DB plays Malcolm, the unattainable-bachelor type who has it all. Everything about his guarded character makes you want to run, but he looks so good who can turn away?

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Woodside hasn’t just mastered playing his part, he’s also a pro at posing for the cameras too. Everything about this steamy photo says, “Baby come to me!” We’re on our way, DB, promise!

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Did we mention we love DB’s smile? Oh, we did? Well it’s certainly worth mentioning one more time.

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Another thing DB has going for him? Lips, lips and more lips!

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DB is a proud father of lovely daughter.

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Doesn’t DB look amazing in a suit?

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