Eye Candy: Cam's The Man!

We're gearing up for Super Bowl 50 by reviewing some of our all-time favorite photos of hunky Panthers QB, Cam Newton.
Charli Penn Nov, 20, 2011

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Born May 11th, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a strong-minded Taurus with his sights set on success.

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Cam instantly wins over the ladies with his winning smile — one he’s known to flash at fans all the time!

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Cam’s a true southern gentleman. He was born in Savannah Georgia to former NFL player Cecil Newton and his wife Jackie. Cam spent his childhood years growing up in College Park, Georgia and attended high school in Atlanta.

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One of Cam’s most endearing qualities has been his charm. For someone who became an overnight celebrity, and made NFL history in less than one year, he’s remained 100 percent down-to-earth.

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Genetically gifted from the start, Cam is a six-foot-six-inch 250-pound force to be reckoned with on the field.

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Cam Newton’s story will surely live on long past his sure-to-be-lengthy NFL career. In 2011 alone he took his college team, Auburn University, all the way to the championships, and won, became the number one draft pick his junior year and won The Heisman trophy. #winning

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Cam’s smooth skin and that sexy stare have earned him a top spot in the hearts of all his female fans.

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“You have to be mindful of the decisions you make, from the people that you go out with, to the pictures that you take with fans,” Cam said a recent interview. “It’s a platform that could easily be taken away.”

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Cam has the kind of body women dream of cuddling next to — tone, well-defined, absolute perfection.

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Cam’s college football skills were so extraordinary he was drafted to the NFL (1st pick!) right after his junior year of college, putting him just one step closer to the dream he’s worked so hard for.

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At 22, Cam has women young and old falling for his boyish grin and sexy body.

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It’s clear his fans have only seen the beginning of what Cam Newton’s capable of. We can’t wait to see this cutie pie continue to shine.

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Even when he’s hiding his gorgeous peepers, Cam’s smile can still stop traffic.

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Oh, that skin. Just ask the ladies, Cam Newton is perfection.

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When his team is in trouble, Cam’s amazing passes (brought to you by those gorgeous pecs) always save the day.

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Two words: Amazing legs! Thank you, Cam!

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An endlessly sexy Cam cools down on the sidelines.

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Now this, ladies, is what you call a smile you can’t help but smile back at. What a sexy grin! Cam, please keep doing what you’re doing.

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After becoming the 1st pick during this year’s NFL draft. Cam shows off his new Carolina Panthers jersey.

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Cam’s been adored by his fans wherever plays. Here he takes in the roaring cheers from his Auburn University family.