Eye Candy: Baby, I Love Your Smile

Eye Candy: Baby, I Love Your Smile
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 06, 2011

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It’s no secret that Usher looks good doing anything. Here he’ showing off that sexy smile of his on the go. Mr. Raymond, can we hop a ride?

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Tyson could model toothpaste with a smile this gorgeous.

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Will Smith and Trey Songz pose flash picture perfect smiles for the camera.

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Idris Elba is the ladies’ favorite leading man, hand down, and the owner of one perfect grin.

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Blair Underwood’s super sexy smile certainly tops our list of unforgettable grins.

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His moniker says it all. LL Cool J won all the ladies over with that perfect smile. Just like him, it never gets old!

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Boris Kodjoe’s dazzling smile is a true work of art.

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All the “Single Ladies” love actor DB Woodside’s lovely smile. It’s truly picture perfect.

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Shemar Moore’s smirk keeps the ladies happy.

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“The Game” star Pooch Hall’s boyish grin is beyond sexy. It’s no surprise that the ladies love Derwin. We can’t wait for the new season to begin.

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Now this is what we call a welcoming smile! Sexy leading man Lance Gross knows exactly what he’s doing.

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Tyrese’s beautiful smile launched his mega career after Coca-Cola fans couldn’t get enough of it, and his voice, in his debut commercial. You know the one!

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We see stars when “Grey’s Anatomy” hunk Jesse Williams flashes that smile our way.

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The “Just Wright” star’s winning smile is, well, just right!

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Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is lovely from head to toe.

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Terrence Howard has perfected that sexy sneaky smirk and we can’t get enough of it.

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Larenz Tate’s sparkling smile is a real scene-stealer.

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One time wrestler, long time leading man, Dwayne Johnson has a sexy smile you can’t forget and can always depend on.

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We love many thing about sexy pro player Chad Ochocinco, but his infectious smile definitely tops the list.

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Basketball babe Amar’E Stoudmire smile keeps us grinning.

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R&B king Tank is a southern gentleman with a smile his female fans go nuts for.

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Chris Brown’s smile has gorgeous written all over it.

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It doesn’t matter what role Taye Diggs takes on, we can always count on that smile of his to light up the screen and our day.

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Soul singer Timothy Bloom woes the ladies with his smile and his beautiful vocals.

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Knick’s star Carmelo Anthony keeps us happy court side with this crowd-stopping smile.

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Lamman Rucker’s smile makes us smile.

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Hip hop heartthrob Common’s gorgeous grin keeps our hearts dancing to the beat!

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Funnyman Jamie Foxx won us over with this jokes and smile long before we knew he could sing and act too.

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Sexy smirks are what Romeo does best, and part of why the ladies saw the young star in a new light after he wooed Tasha Smith in “Jumping the Broom”.

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Musical genius Kanye West makes confidence sexy. Who doesn’t recognize his signature “I’m so happy to be me” smile? #winning

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Trey’s Angels will tell you, his winning smile is one of the many things the sexy singer’s fans adore so much about him.

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NBA cutie pie Chris Paul’s smile is both adorable and sexy.

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Reggie Bush doesn’t need to score a single point to put a smile on your face; he only needs to flash his.

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Michael Ealy is perfection. (That sexy smirk included!)

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Bruno Mars’s sweet smile makes us want to get up and sing him a song.

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Morris Chestnut’s a proud member of the dashing smile club and we’re thinking of nominating him for president this year.

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Anthony Mackie’s sexy smile melts our hearts.

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When we see Andre 3000’s gorgeous grin we see butterflies and hear horns play. Isn’t it a beauty, ladies?

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“Why Did I Get Married” hunk Michael Jai White has us wishing he’d get down on one knee for us. Yes, Michael, we’d never wonder why we married you — promise!

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Nick Cannon’s got one cute grin.

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Mekhi Pfifers carefeee charm has always been a huge hit with his die-hard female fans. (Us included!)

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Cuba Gooding Jr.‘s bright smile and sexy grin have helped to carve out a permanent spot in Hollywood’s history.

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Dwyane Wade’s got one seriously attractive smile and we’re looking forward to seeing it on the court again soon.

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Omari Hardwick’s gorgeous grin keeps us gasping.

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“Tower Heist” star Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen with a bright smile, and we’re thrilled because it’s one of our favorites!

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Actor Don Cheadle shows off his pearly whites.

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