Eye Candy: Aspiring Actor Joe Warren

Atlanta-based aspiring actor Joe Warren is multi-talented and making moves, and one thing’s for sure: Whether he’s modeling, acting or helping the Atlanta Police Department track criminals, you’re going to love watching him do it.

Charli Penn Feb, 18, 2013

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Say hello to model and aspiring actor Joe Warren, ladies. He’s our crush of the week, and for good reason. The sexy, driven bachelor is taking the Atlanta entertainment industry on and hoping to come out on top of your Hollywood hunks list. Get to know him now!

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Warren just turned 32 last week, ladies, so be sure to wish this gorgeous man a very happy birthday below.

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Warren was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he grew up with his two older sisters and younger brother. "My father was a very stern and serious man, whose main objective was keeping my brother and me away from the negative influences in our rough neighborhood," admits Warren.

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In an unusual twist, Warren actually began modeling at the age of 30. (His mother encouraged him to give it a go!) At 28, he began dabbling in it, with a shoot here and there, but felt discouraged when he was mostly booking underwear gigs. Warren went on to apply to work with the Atlanta Police Department, but before he joined the force, his mother urged him to give modeling “just one more shot.” He did, and that time, things really took off for him.

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Warren says modeling comes easy, but it's acting he's fondest of these days.

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After just a month of profesional modeling, Warren caught the eye of many in the industry and began fielding offers for small parts on some of your favorite TV shows. If he looks familiar, it’s because you saw him on BET’s Single Ladies and Let’s Stay Together last season.

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Although modeling and small acting roles are paying his bills for now, hard worker Warren does have a day job assisting the Atlanta Police Department in the warrant investigation department. He would prefer to be on patrol, but his career requires his hours be a lot more flexible.

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Although most young actors dream of living in Hollywood, Warren says he plans to pursue acting right there in Atlanta. “I signed with a big agency last year, and I’ve already had quite a few auditions with Tyler Perry Studios,” he says. “The acting industry in Atlanta is really starting to pick up a lot. They’re filming something like 75 movies here this year. I’ve started taking acting classes too.”

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Warren didn’t perfect his body overnight — he lives in the gym! He admits to visiting the gym at least five days a week. In his 20s he worked as a personal trainer, but these days he’s most devoted to keeping his body sculpted and healthy.

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“I’m a really big movie guy,” admits Warren. “I’m probably one of two people you’ll actually see in the theater on a Friday night by myself.”

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Warren loves to read. Although he doesn’t have much time for it lately, if he finds a little free time, and he’s not catching a new release in the theater, there will be a book in his hands.

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“I love dogs,” says Warren, who’s the proud owner of an American Bulldog. “He’s only six months old, and he already weighs 55 pounds. He’s gonna be pretty big. I enjoy taking him to the park and training him.”

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“I’m not good at it, but I like playing basketball,” humble cutie pie Warren admits. “I can’t dribble, I can’t shoot, I can’t do much. But I can play defense. I just enjoy it.”

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“I love all sports,” says Warren. “I play tennis, and I like golf. Any time of year that sports events are on, I’m watching.”

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“My mother is my church outside the church,” says Warren. “If I miss a sermon on a Sunday, I can give her a call. We wind up talking about anything, and whatever it is, she turns it into a lesson and a sermon, always.” He helps his mother out whenever he lands a new job and tells us she is his number one inspiration for success. “When I make it big, the first thing I’m doing is buying her a house,” he says. “I would love for her to never ever have to work again.”

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If you spend more time in the beauty and nail shops than you do just getting out and enjoying life, Warren isn’t the guy for you. He tells us that when it comes to women, he thinks very practically. “No offense to those who do, but I don’t like all the extra makeup, the extra-long extensions and all the high heels,” he says. “I want a woman who can just go out and be natural, be herself and really have a good time with me.”

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Right out of college, Warren went straight to the U.S. Army. In 18 months, he lived in five different places – Kuwait, Hungary, Iraq, Virginia and Georgia. It was hard to date then, but now that he’s ready for love, he’s looking for a woman who’s “smart, sweet, nice and cute.”

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To keep track of Warren’s successes, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and say “hello” below!