Eye Candy: Up and Coming Hollywood Heartthrob Leon Walker

Leon Walker has two passions: film and fitness. The sexy overachiever founded a popular LA boot camp and a funny dating web series, all while slowly climbing his way to the top. Say hello to our newest crush!

Charli Penn Dec, 10, 2012

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Up-and-coming actor Leon Walker is the perfect combination of talented and sexy. When he’s not directing and starring in his own web series or filming an indie flick, the fitness fanatic is helping to change lives every day with his Los Angeles-based “sweatcamp.” Grab a towel, because it’s about to get real hot in here, ladies. Can you take the heat?

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Walker has been acting for the last six years in Los Angeles. He’s studied under prominent actors, directors and acting coaches to help perfect his craft.

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Over the past year, Walker has been very busy working on three independent film projects: Someone I Used to Know, Wingman Inc. and Young Again, all due out next year. We're looking forward to catching a glimpse or two of that sexy, sultry stare on the big screen.

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Not one to wait for opportunity to knock first, Walker is busy making his own path to Hollywood success. He is the creator and star of the popular web series Playa and Wifey. He’s currently working on the 10-episode second season and a pilot episode for TV. He plays a pro-football player on the series, which he calls “a modern day I Love Lucy with a twist.”

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“This town will tell you who you are over and over again and tell you that you’re not right for the part you were born for,” says Walker. “So, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands so I’ve started my own projects. I’m writing two feature films right now.”

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At 31, Leon stands tall at 6 foot 1 inches, and he has zero problems putting time in at the gym. No shocker there. Would you look at those abs?

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Ladies, we know you love Boris Kodjoe, but you must admit, Walker could be his long lost brother. Any woman who gets to star opposite this gorgeous face and scultped physique is one lucky, lucky lady.

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Fitness fanatic Walker directs and sponsors Men’s Physique shows in Los Angeles. “It’s a new type of body builder show,” he says. “It’s more about beach bodies. It’s like a competition for models and fit types. It's a hobby for me right now, and a lot of work." If the contestants look as good as the host, someone please tell us where we can buy tickets, now.

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“Hosting fitness events keeps me focused on my diet,” says Walker, who’s devoted to a healthy lifestyle.

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Two words: More, please!

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“I love going to the movies,” says Walker, who looks up to actors like Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington. “I can just sit down in a movie theater and get lost in someone else’s story.”

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“I want to do action,” says Walker. “I want to do drama. I want to do comedy. I’ve been trained across the board and to be good in those roles. I want to do all types of movies.”

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“In five years, I see myself on the map as an established leading man,” admits Walker, who has his sights set on nothing but success. “I see myself writing and producing my own projects and not fitting in where Hollywood wants me to, but rather, making my own way.”

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Leon, you can turn your back on us any day. Wow!

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Walker was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. He's the middle child of three. His little brother is aspiring rapper Rob Young, whose music is featured in every episode of his web series. He also has an older sister whom he admires greatly.

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“I look up to my dad,” says Walker. “I got my hunger to perform from my dad. He was a poet, and he’s always performed. My dad was always more popular than I was. He was always coming to school and entertaining. He was very hands-on with us. He was the life of the party. Wherever he went, he'd make you feel or think about something differently. That's what I want. I want to touch people."

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Did you enjoy getting to know Leon? Newly converted fans can find him on Twitter any time. Be sure to leave him some comment love below.