Eye Candy: 50 Sexiest Actors of All Time

Eye Candy: 50 Sexiest Actors of All Time
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 18, 2011

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Those sexy brown eyes, that come-hither smile, the moustache — are we wrong for still swooning over this 70s leading man?

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In his first major role on the silver screen, Lance was the ultimate dose of chocolate eye candy in “Our Family Wedding.” He is the epitome of sexy and we can’t wait to see more of him in Hollywood.

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From his early days as the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Will Smith has been a constant heartthrob. Do you remember the work out scene in “I, Robot?” We can’t get those puppy dog eyes and sweaty muscles out of our minds!

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Wesley made us swoon even as a blood-sucking, crime-fighting vampire in “Blade.” His emotional eyes and overall handsome face add a sense of sophistication to everything he does.

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At 6’4” with chiseled muscles, Henry Simmons is undoubtedly sexy. Plus, on “NYPD Blue” he had that fire and passion in his eyes that made us squirm!

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Common was always sexy as a rapper, and we still had a strong desire for him when he began to appear in leading roles, such as playing baller Scott McKnight in “Just Wright.”

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When we think of Djimon, we can’t help but think of his infamous CK ad that had every woman yearning for more of his chiseled, chocolate physique. In addition to being a sexy model, Djimon is also an Oscar nominated actor.

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This handsome actor has a hot body and gorgeous smile that makes him simply irresistible!

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With a long list of acclaimed box office hits, Morgan Freeman is not only talented, but his astute and mature persona is incredibly sexy. We’d love that iconic distinguished voice to share some pillow talk with us.

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We’re head over heels for the New Orleans native’s puppy dog eyes, sly smile and kissable lips.

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Nothing says sexy quite like a bald head and chocolate brown complexion. Mekhi Phifer has both which makes us go crazy for him.

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We all remember this handsome hottie from the hit TV soap opera, “Sunset Beach.” With a sultry stare and long lean body like that, how could we forget?

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Just one seductive look into Jesse Williams’ gorgeous blue-gray eyes is all it takes to drive us wild.

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Eddie Murphy may be one of the funniest men in Hollywood, but we all agree that his sex appeal is no laughing matter.

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With a sexy gaze and smooth brown skin, “Private Practice” star Taye Diggs is truly something special.

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We’ve been swooning over Shemar Moore since his days on the runway. The 40-year-old actor has only gotten more talented and fine with age. We wouldn’t mind growing old with him.

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Chiwetel must have the softest lips we have ever seen. His big dark brown eyes and true talent, which he’s displayed in films like “2012” and “Salt,” have us wrapped around his little finger.

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The first Black actor to win an Academy Award, Sidney Poitier’s smooth chocolate skin, captivating eyes and deep voice make us melt every time we watch “Lilies of the Field."

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We’ve got a major sweet tooth for young hottie Columbus Short’s smooth, caramel complexion and adorable dimples.

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Before Dwayne Johnson was the “Scorpion King” his bulging pecs and ripped abs made him the king of our hearts.

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We’ve loved Blair Underwood since 1986 when he got his big break on “L.A. Law.” But, like a fine wine, Blair has grown better — and sexier — with time.

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With his youthful charm and chiseled good looks this Jamaican-American brought in some island heat back in the day. We’re still fanning ourselves.

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No one can forget the sultry and sexy Darius Lovehall from the movie “Love Jones.” Larenz Tate stole our hearts in this romantic film and no matter how many times we she him in this movie, he still makes us quiver.

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Jamie Foxx — a talented comic, an Oscar winning actor, and a Grammy winning musician — is a true triple-threat who also has a double dose of sex appeal to boast.

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Oh Mario! That square jaw and those soft brown eyes made us swoon, but his effortless swagger is “New Jack City” and “Posse” is what really won us over.

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Sam Jackson’s trademark bald head and strong, deep voice have made him irreplaceable in Hollywood and in our hearts.

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With a body to die for and those trademark luscious lips, LL Cool J is always a standout on the big screen. We couldn’t help but notice his ripped body when he flashed across the screen as Deacon ‘Deke’ Kaye in the film “S.W.A.T.”

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Chris Tucker’s golden smile and sexy sense of humor are just two reasons we find him so incredibly irresistible.

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When he was alive, Tupac made a good girl want to turn bad. We weren’t phased by the “Poetic Justice” star’s commitment to the thug life. We just wanted to wake up to that seductive stare and those perfectly pursed lips every morning.

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With his all-American good looks, “Why Did I Get Married” actor Lamman Rucker had us at “Hello.” And girl, don’t get us started on those dimples!

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Michael Jai White is always kicking butt on screen, but in real life he’s a total sweetheart. We’d love to lay our heads on his chest and hold him like a teddy bear.

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When Cuba was shouting “Show me the money!” on “Jerry McGuire” we were thinking, “show me something else, baby!”

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We’ve wanted a slice of Larry ever since he played Tre’s sexy father in “Boyz n The Hood.” Who could resist the “Hoodlum” star’s square jaw and deep sultry stare.

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Tyson’s still building up his acting portfolio and we are in full support of seeing him flash across the big screen more often — preferably with his shirt off.

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Nate Parker won our hearts in “The Great Debaters,” and since then, we just love to see this sexy guy on screen.

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We’ll always be a fan of this sexy man whose lead role in “Love and Basketball,” made us want to get some of his game.

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With his soft voice, hazel eyes and intense acting style, Mr. Howard has become one of the most desirable (and bankable) leading men in Hollywood. We’re loving him!

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We’re pretty sure the hit ABC show “Lost” was such a success because of this Nigerian-English hottie. That unrelenting stare and dark chocolate complexion have made us huge fans.

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Yes ladies, Michael is beautiful. Plus, this brother is super smart and socially conscious. What else could you want? Oh yeah — a square jaw and gorgeous bedroom eyes that make your knees weak.

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Another singer-turned-actor this sexy, multi-talented hottie’s bright smile continues to light our fire.

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Check out Mechad Brooks’ biceps in the hit TV series “The Deep End!” We’d like to wrap our arms around that strapping chest.

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An Oscar nominated actor, author, and philanthropist, Don Cheadle’s admirable endeavors make him totally sexy in our eyes.

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“Shaft” actor Richard Roundtree gave us lots of reasons to love a sexy rugged man in Black.

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This Britain born, chocolate heartthrob can’t get any sexier. His smooth and sensual English accent is just one of his many traits that makes us go wild.

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When it comes to Borris Kodjoe, we can’t help but put this German-born, model-turned-actor on a pedestal.

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Another real-life bad boy, who kicks butt on screen, T.I. boyish good looks and intrinsic swagger keep us rooting for him.

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Derek Luke is a chocolate dream. With an adorable baby face and totally kissable lips, we fell in love when he made his acting debut in “Antwone Fisher.”

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Morris Chestnut is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. We’d bring him home to momma if he wasn’t already taken.

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This rocker and activist’s transition to film seemed pretty effortless. And why wouldn’t it be? He’s Lenny Kravitz after all. The man can do no wrong as far as we’re concerned.

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Just hearing the name Denzel is enough to send chills down our spine. The handsome, Oscar-winning “Philadelphia” star is one of the sexiest men alive.