Eye Candy: The 2013 ESSENCE Festival's Finest

The ESSENCE Festival is here, and the talent lineup couldn't be hotter.

Charli Penn Jul, 01, 2013

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R&B crooner Trey Songz doesn't have such a massive female following for nothing. He's got the looks, the voice and the moves. Fans will be treated to one of his sexy (and inevitably shirtless!) performances on Saturday July 6, on the ESSENCE Festival Main Stage.

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With a combined 14 million albums and singles sold worldwide, Trey also has a host of Grammy nominations under his belt. We know you can't wait to see this chart-topper do his thing.

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Um, did we mention he likes to perform shirtless? #cantwait

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In case Trey's performance makes you a little too hot inside the Superdome, he's ready to help you cool down, ladies. Is there a "like this 1,000 times" button we can use for this photo? Which songs are you most looking forward to hearing him perform at ESSENCE Festival?

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Ladies, gorgeous crooner Maxwell is on the lineup too. (As if you didn't already know.) The smooth soul singer has plans to serenade festivalgoers on the Main Stage in the Superdome on Friday, July 5th at 11pm. Who's lining up first?

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Maxwell's sex appeal is undeniable and his sound unforgettable. He's a mainstay on the ladies' crush lists and he never disappoints on stage.

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The man can dress too! We love watching Maxwell do his thing, both on and off the stage. Which songs do you want to watch him perform at the festival? Tell us below!

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We couldn't fill out the ESSENCE Festival lineup without the performer the "ladies love" most. You kow who he is. None other than rapper LL Cool J.

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Catch the cool one on the main stage at the Superdome on Friday, July 5, at 8:05pm.

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Click that like button if you can't ever get enough of seeing just how good Mr. Cool J looks in a tux. Whether he's hosting the Grammys or rocking the mic, we'll always love Cool James.

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But before we move on, let's take a moment to admire those arms! Sigh...his body hasn't aged a bit.

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What happens when three of the sexiest singers in the game team up? TGT is formed. The R&B group, made up of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank, is coming to the Superdome Main Stage. on Sunday July 7, at 8p.m.

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All of Tyrese's sweet ladies will be in the buildng to watch him take the stage with TGT. Us included!

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Tyrese's mega watt smile puts us in a trance every time we see it. The second he flashes it from the Superdome Main Stage, we'll know we more than got our money's worth.

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Ladies, Tank knows how to take things "Slowly," just the way you like it, and that's how you first fell for his vocal charms. Raise your hands if you can't wait to see what he and TGT are serving up on the festival stage this year.

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We love everythng about this portrait of TGT members Ginuwine and Tank. This shot is just oozing with sexiness, and we sure do love them in those grey suits. Don't you?

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Your ultimate 90s R&B crush can still hold his own today, with or without his shirt. Click that "like" button if you're dying to get up close and personal with Ginuwine on the Superdome Main Stage.

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Guess what, girls? R&B newcomer, and Beyonce favorite, Luke James is also going to be in the building again this year.

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We'll never forget the first time Luke James came into the ESSENCE office for a live performance and sang his way right into our hearts. Since then, with smash hit singles like "I Want You," he has swiftly climbed his way right to the top.

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Catch Luke at the McDonald's Superlounge on Sunday, July 7th at 7:05pm.