Eye Candy: 2011 MLB Postseason Hotties

Eye Candy: 2011 MLB Postseason Hotties
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 09, 2011

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Justin Upton, #10 on the Arizona Diamondbacks, who sadly are no longer in the postseason mix, looking good as he looks on during practice.

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Virginia born Arizona Diamondbacks player Justin Upton flexs on the field mid-game.

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Nothing like a sweaty, gorgeous man, who’s focused on winning, no? We’ll miss seeing his face on the field this season for sure.

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Detroit Tiger’s center-fielder Austin Jackson is the perfect package — fit, fine, and full of smiles. The Tigers are holding their own so far in the post-season battle. #winning

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We’re mesmerized by Milwaukee Brewers player Rickie Week’s smile. The Brewers are also still in the mix, so ladies, look forward to seeing this smile a little while longer.

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Just look at Rickie in action. Gorgeous and talented — what a combination. Ladies, let’s root for the Brewers to go all the way.

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The Detroit Tiger’s Venezuelan-born Victor Martinez strikes a pose at spring training.

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Victor is one of the top reasons we’re rooting for the Tigers to continue their winning streak.

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The Detroit Tiger’s Wilson Betemit is a Dominican cutie with swagger for days.

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Philadelphia Phillies player Ryan Howard’s face is most likely under “sexual chocolate” in the dictionary. Too bad we won’t be seeing any more of it this season.

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Philadelphia Phillies player Ryan Howard showing off some more sexy.

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Ryan shows off his fit and firm frame as he prepares to hit a home run. We were really rooting for the Phillies too.

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Ryan’s sexy even when he thinks no ones watching. Here he is licking those sexy lips of his. Thank you for the memories this season Ryan!

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Dominican second baseman Robinson Cano is another heartthrob on the New York Yankee’s roster we’ll miss seeing around this season.

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Robinson, showing off his sexy here, was named after baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

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Philadelphia Phillie’s player Jimmy Rollins gave us hot chocolate vibes every game this season. We’re not sure we can wait until next year to see this face again, but we’ll have to.

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Oh, yeah! Jimmy, do you know what you do to us? We’ll be waiting on you next season for sure.

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Watching the gorgeous Jimmy Rollins in action was one of our top game highlights this season.

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St. Louis Cardinals center-fielder Adron Chambers has some of the most kissable lips we’ve ever seen on an athlete. If we had to catch a ball he threw our way, we’d surely miss due to extreme distraction.

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St. Louis Cardinal’s player Adron Chambers is one sexy show off in this victory picture.

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Tampa Bay Devil Rays player B.J. Upton looking serious but sexy at a game. The Devil Rays unfortunately aren’t in the running anymore, but B.J. will surely be missed.

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Both B.J. and his brother Justin made our list this year. Are you surprised? We can’t get enough of the Virginia born cutie pies. See you next year B.J.

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New York Yankee’s fan favorite Alex Rodriguez has the sexiest eyes we’ve seen on the baseball diamond, by far. We’ll miss them big time.

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Alex’s fierce skills and facial features help keep the Yankees’ stadium seats filled with female fans. We know they’ll all be waiting be patiently to see more Alex next season.

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Alex, well miss you! There really isn’t much else to say.

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We get lost in Texas Ranger’s player Julio Borbon’s dreamy almond shaped eyes. Let’s go Rangers, let’s go!

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Arizona Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young, who hails from Texas, keeps the swag going on the bench. Diamondbacks, we’ll be rooting for you again next year.

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We’re nuts for Chris Young’s sexy pout. Too bad we’ll have to wait next year to see it again.

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We admit it, we’re completely crushing on New York Yankee’s pitcher Ivan Nova. Look at that skin and those lips girls. Wow! They will surely be missed.

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Just look at Ivan in action. Absolute perfection! How did they lose again?

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Yes, Ivan, hats off to you, gorgeous!

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Milwaukee Brewer’s second-baseman Eric Farris is oh-so-fine and a total LL Cool J look-a-like. What’s not to love ladies?

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Philadelphia Phillies right-fielder Domonic Brown had us ready to pick up and take a ride to Philly to see this cutie pie up close and personal before his team lost their place in the finals.

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After hitting a fierce home run Domonic Brown is the picture of perfection here.

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Domonic’s boyish smile had us swooning through the season. Here’s to hoping he’ll be all smiles again next year.

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Tampa Bay Devil Rays left-fielder Desmond Jennings has one pair of seriously luscious lips that we’ll be thinking about nonstop until they’re back in the game next season.

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Desmond’s a sexy southern gentleman. He was born and raise in Alabama.

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New York Yankee’s center fielder Curtis Granderson makes the ladies swoon with his luscious lip-licking on the field. See you next season Yankee cutie pie!

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New York Yankee’s Curtis Granderson is the definition of easy on the eyes.

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Curtis even looks good in motion. More, please! Oh wait, we have to wait until next year? No! Darn!

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Dominican heartthrob Adrian Beltre stays focused as he runs the bases for the Texas Rangers. Think they’ll go all the way.

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Texas Ranger’s third baseman Adrian Beltre gets down and dirty on the field.

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Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s player Sean Rodriguez has a killer smile we sadly won’t get to see again until the season restarts next year.

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Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s player Sean Rodriquez makes his season-opening photo session look like a model shot. When does next season start again? Not sure we can wait.

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With a perfect name for the game, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder has our heart beating just a little faster when he steps up to bat.

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Canadian born player Prince Fielder’s sports one sexy and welcoming smile.