Eye Candy: 2011 Grammy Hotties

Eye Candy: 2011 Grammy Hotties
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 04, 2011

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Calvin Richardson doesn’t only have a beautiful manly frame to draw the women in, he’s also got soulful vocals to sweeten the deal, and a Grammy nominated song — “You’re So Amazing” — to boot.

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With two nominations for “Best Male R&B Vocal Performance” and “Best Contemporary R&B Album,” 2011 is Usher’s year. We’d let the renaissance man of music serenade us any time.

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Twenty-one-year-old rapper Tyga added his rhymes to Chris Brown’s “Deuces” and made it a number one record. Is it his flow or those cute lips delivering each line that makes us crush so hard? We can’t tell.

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What’s better than a man with a message? Singer Vashawn Mitchell is nominated for “Best Gospel Performance” for delivering the good news and for looking oh-so-fine while doing it.

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T.I. may be behind bars, but that didn’t stop industry critics from nominating his tune “I’m Back” for a “Best Rap Solo” award.

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We’re guessing Tank doesn’t know how sexy he is. Otherwise he wouldn’t keep staring at us with those “come hither” eyes and those puckered up lips and expect us not to do anything.

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Nominated for two Grammys, Swizz Beatz lays tracks that make our hearts race and our hips bounce — and you know the way to a woman’s soul is through the dance floor.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Dreads are sexy. Up for an award in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” category, Ryan Shaw’s long dreads are as hot as his music.

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There’s nothing sexier than a man whose music can transform you. We’re sprung on Raheem DeVaughn’s melodies from his “Love and War Masterpiece,” nominated in the “Best R&B Album” category.

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At 33, Ludacris is still hot. We’d like to plant big wet kisses on those adorable cheeks when he steps onto the red carpet to vie for an award for “Best Rap Solo Performance.” Go get ’em Luda.

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Now that his collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga — “Deuces” — has been nominated for a Grammy, we hope to be seeing more of Kevin McCall’s thick, sexy lips and smooth dark chocolate skin.

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Say what you will about Kanye, this brother knows how to bare his soul, while maintaining his swagger. We love his honesty and his ability to always stay fly.

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There’s a lot of young men up for Grammys this year, but none of them are as cute as B.o.B. That adorable smile and those dreamy eyes turn us are sexy. And he reps for beautiful girls.

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2015 ESSENCE Fest performer and our #ManCrushMonday pick, Bilal wrote his Grammy-nominated tune “Little One” for his kids. There’s something so sexy about a man who takes care of his family and is truly inspired by them.

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Up for three awards, Jay-Z has solidified his spot as a rap legend and a pop culture icon. He’s the boss — and married to Bey. What’s hotter than that?

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Musiq Soulchild’s “We’re Still Friends” may be up for a Grammy, but we like to imagine that we’ve crossed the friendship line with the Philadelphia neo-soul singer.

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Last year we saw El DeBarge come back hard. His voice is still as golden as it was back in the ’90s — which is why his hit “Second Chance” is up for two Grammys. Swoon…

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With three Grammy nominations — including “Best Contemporary R&B Album” — Chris Brown may finally be coming full circle and we’re glad he is. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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We’re not surprised that John Legend is up for four awards. Who could resist being serenaded by that adorable face and that sweet, sincere voice?

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Another pretty young thing, melting our hearts — Bruno Mars’ Grammy-nominated tune “Nothing on You” has us singing in the shower. We’d love for him to join us sometime. I’m just saying…

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Gospel rapper Lecrae got his Grammy nomination by having faith with a hip hop beat. He’s changing the game by bringing the noise and raise the praise.

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We waited patiently for Drake to drop his solo album and when he finally did, it didn’t disappoint. Now the young Canadian cutie is up for four Grammys, including “Best New Artist.”