Eye Candy: 20 Sexy Actors We Can't Ever Get Enough Of

No matter the role, when these gorgeous brothers step in front of the cameras, we always want more. Happy Monday, ladies!

Charli Penn Feb, 17, 2014

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These hunks aren't just our favorite sexy stars, they're yours, too. We rounded up the actors you love talking about, seeing and supporting the most—whether they're in or out of the limelight. You can't get enough, and we can't either. Let us all enjoy!

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The forever-beautiful Boris Kodjoe is always an instant heartbreaker. The Real Husbands of Hollywood star kept us laughing all season long, and when he's not onscreen, we just swoon at how much he loves his gorgeous wife, actress Nicole Ari Parker.

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Does it get any more beautiful than this man? We've been smitten from the very start. Nicole Ari Parker is a very lucky lady!

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If there were an award for the "One Man Every Woman In the World Adores", debonair darling Idris Elba would take it home every single year. In your eyes, he can do no wrong, and trust us, we get it. He's original, mature and always gives his best on and off screen. Frankly, what's not to love?

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The sexy leading man, who goes by DJ Driis when he's on the turntables, has been known to rock a party while spinning tunes at popular London nightclubs.

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Small-screen king Shemar Moore has no shortage of spectacular features, and his dazzling smile always tops the list. Admit it. The Criminal Minds star's infectious grin is always right on time. Oh baby, we love your smile.

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Moore shows off his gorgeous body during a recent trip to Miami Beach. Beautiful, shirtless shots like this one have been known to go viral almost instantly. (No shocker there.) My, my, my, Shemar, fitness sure does your body good.

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Newlywed Michael Ealy keeps the female fans swooning non-stop. He's smooth, kind and beautiful in a suit and tie or a t-shirt and jeans.

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The About Last Night star is most known for his boyish charm and down-to-earth vibes. He's the leading man you always root for onscreen, even when you're not a fan of his character's behavior (Their Eyes Were Watching God, anyone?), and the one who makes your whole body cringe with jealousy when you watch him kiss another woman onscreen.

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Who can forget the first time they watched romantic classic Love Jones? Larenz Tate, as Darius, had our full attention the second he batted those dreamy eyes and said to Nina (Nia Long), "Can I play something for you?" (Little Drew from Inkwell was all grown up and crazy sexy!) Sigh...He's been playing with our hearts ever since!

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Tate recently popped up on Showtime's popular sophmore drama House of Lies, and fans rejoiced when they learned that his appearance would be part of a multiple-episode plot arc. His time on the show is over for now, but we're not giving up hope that we'll see him around the set again real soon.

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Blockbuster king Will Smith rules our hearts like he does the box office. We've wanted to be his girlfriend since the 90s when he was a Fresh Prince. These days, he's found his queen. But hey, a girl can still dream, right?

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Nothing brings women to the theater like a Will Smith movie. Smith's female fan-base helped to catapult him from sitcom cutie to international A-list superstar. We'll always love you, Will!

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Chocolate wonder Morris Chestnut has treated fans to one inviting performance after another since he first began his foray into acting back in 1991, when he was cast as loveable jock Ricky in John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood.

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Click that "like" button if you bought tickets to see The Best Man Holiday just for an intimate evening with Chestnut.  And, oh, that shirtless scene still has us gasping for air. The man hasn't aged a bit!

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Dwayne Johnson

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When Dwayne smiles, we all do. It should be illegal to look this darn good.

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We've had a crush on TV and film actor Blair Underwood ever since his days as attorney Jonathan Rollins on L.A. Law. He has come a long way since then, starring in a whopping 25 films and appearing on over 20 TV shows since launching his career in 1985.

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And, did we mention this brother always looks killer in a suit? Wow, wow, wow!

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If you have to ask why all the ladies still love Cool James, then you must have been living under a rock the last 20 years. His legion of "Around the Way Girls" will never stop rockin' to his fun-loving hip hop and being wooed by his steamy lyrics and film performances.

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No one does causal cute like LL—especially when he's sporting his signature Kangol or skully hat. Hey lover, this is more than a crush!

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Gorgeous Cuban-American film star Laz Alonso knows how to work the cameras. On-screen, he's smooth, magnetic and always looking sharp. Off-screen, he's no different. Now that's what we call the perfect package, ladies!

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Alonso's ways always keep us watching. Click that like button if he has a permanent spot on your crush list too.

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Rising star Jesse Williams is one of those actors with a face so perfect, it’s unforgettable. Pair those sexy lips and that smooth skin with those mesmerizing, green eyes and you have all the ingredients you need for an instant crush.

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After turning a small part in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 into a big crush with female fans all over, Williams went on to land a starring role on popular medical drama Grey' s Anatomy. Ladies, every Thursday night on ABC, the doctor is in!

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Gross makes the ladies scream. He's handsome, hard-working and as sexy as can be. Oh, and we just love him in glasses.

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Hot chocolate alert!

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When Taye Diggs popped up nude in the shower with Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, he wasn't just changing her character's life, he was helping Black women worldwide get their grooves back too. Since then, we've found one reason after another to adore his flirtatious performances—most recently when he starred as the sexiest doc on the premises in ABC's Private Practice.

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Diggs' wnning smile warms hearts and his smooth, confident persona makes it that much easier to fall for him. The newly single star was also a huge hit with the ladies (again!) in The Best Man Holiday.

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In 1995 when gorgeous actor Omar Epps starred in Higher Learning we got an advanced lesson in sexiness and class is still in session today. Look for Epps in the March 9th series premiere of Resurrection on ABC. He stars as an immigration agent confused by a child who seemingly comes back from the dead.

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Who can forget actor Mekhi Phifer, who played Nia Long's character Byrd's sexy hubby in the classic family film Soul Food? Sigh...Over the last few years he has popped up all over our TV screens (House of Lies, Torchwood, White Collar) and we can't wait to see what he'll do next.

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Cheers to Neccesary Roughness star Mehcad Brooks who captivates each time he's the center of attention on our TV screens. (Do you remember his steamy turn as "Eggs" on True Blood.)

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Tyrese's mega watt smile puts us in a trance every time we see it. The singer and actor has really made a name for himself in Hollywood starring in one action blockbuster after another. From Transformers to Fast and Furious, he never disappoints.

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We spent most of Cathing Fire drooling over Kravitz' onscreen time. Can you blame us? The man is perfection.

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Denzel Washington is the Black woman's original celebrity hearthrob and he'll always be as gorgeous as he is talented. Did we leave your lifelong crush off our list? Add your suggestions below!