Eye Candies of 2009

Eye Candies of 2009
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 26, 2009

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Howard was in our NBA All-Star Eye Candy special. The ladies loved him so much we brought him back as an Eye Candy of the Week. Those shoulders and arms make Dwight a slam dunk.

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Half-Black, half-Samoan Football player turned WWE wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson was featured in our Multi-Culti crushes gallery because we definitely smell what The Rock is cooking, and we wants some.

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Dominique made it into our Super Bowl Hotties gallery for his baby face and grown man steeze. He’s only 22 but we’d like to put this cornerback up against the wall.

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We put Andre in our Men That March To Their Own Beat gallery for his eccentric style, effortless swag, eclectic musical sense… and that’s before you get to the chocolate complexion and beautiful smile.

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We just wanted one more look at this American-born Dominican model before the year was up. Ay Perdon!

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We’d like to take it all the way home with Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. That’s how he ended up in our “Baseball Hotties” gallery this year.

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Madonna’s new man made an appearance in our Multi-Cultu Crushes gallery. We wouldn’t mind striking a pose with the 22-year-old Brazilian model.

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Everything about Lebron James—who was featured in our NBA All-Star Eye Candy gallery—is impressive. We’d like to see how the 25-year-old baller’s stats look next to ours.

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Chad was featured in our Men That March to Their Own Beat gallery after he changed his name to the number on his Cincinnati Bengals Jersey. We wouldn’t mind seeing his bald head and broad shoulders another 86 times.

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This 24-year-old Black, Syrian, Caucasian and Mexican model recently made us sweat with his smooth skin and pretty pecks. Yum.

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Twenty-four-year-old Chris Paul kind of makes us dribble. That’s why he made it into our NBA All-Star Eye Candy.

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We admit to watching reruns of “CSI: Miami” just for an extra glimpse at the Puerto Rican actor who’s soft brown eyes and sexy lips earned him a spot in our Multi-Culti Crushes gallery.

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Trinidadian-born singer/songwriter/guitarist Damien Richards’ makes us fel like school girls with every strum and every smile.

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Super Bowl Hottie Pittsburgh Steelers Keyaron Fox is a linebacker, and his shoulders and arms aren’t too bad either.

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Um, Jordin Sparks, we want your man. As a hint, we put him in our P.Y.T. Special. No point in playing hard to get, he’s too cute for all that.

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We wish Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins would throw us a bone. He made it onto our list Baseball Hotties beacause he hits it out of the park with his looks every time.

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When we placed the “Rescue Me” star in our Multi-Culti Crushes gallery, the ladies went a little crazy for the German, Irish and Black Actor. We can’t blame them though—look at those dimples and those lips.

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A-Rod showed up in our galleries twice, once for being sexy and Multi-cultural and another time for always coming up to bat. We’d really like him to warm our bench.

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The beat master made his way onto our list of Men That March To Their Own Beat for his sexy skater swag.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker made his way into our Superbowl Hotties gallery for his puppy dog eyes and big um… heart.

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Short made our PYT Special and what a pretty young piece of eye candy the “Cadillac Records" star is.

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We’re a lot jealous of Lisa Bonet right now because this Hawaiian, German, Irish “North Shore” hottie sleeps in her bed and not ours. Sulk.

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OK we admit it, we’ve had a crush on Kobe since he had a guest appearance on “Moesha.” That baby face on a big guy will get a girl every time.

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“I love to get dirty…” Nick told ESSENCE relationships editor Demetria Lucas. What a coincidence. We’d love to do just that with the 25-year-old Black, German, Native American and Norwegian model.

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This Superbowl Hottie and Arizona Cadinal is a strong safety. Hm! We bet he is.

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Cuban-American Laz Alonso came around few Mondays ago when we needed to perk up. Who wouldn’t get a boost from the “Avatar” star’s perfect physique and sexy smacker.

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Dwayne Wade made our NBA All-Star Eye Candy list when he gave a South Florida family a new home. We’d like to show him some charity of our own.

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The Dodgers star player got suspended for 50 games when he tested positive for steroids, but he cleaned up his act, finished the season strong and tested positive on our Baseball Hotties radar.

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This Korean and Black football player turned model is out of this world.

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This Arizona Cardinals running back made our Superbowl Hotties list for bringing sexy back to the football field.

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Being really smart and creative is always attractive. Add to that great style and a sexy stare and Ryan Leslie has stolen our hearts. That’s why he showed up in our Men That March To Their Own Beat Gallery.

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We swear the Yankees owe their huge female audience to Jeter’s fineness, so we put him in both our Multi-Culti Crushes and our Baseball Hotties galleries.

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Maybe its that bad boy jock phase from high school that we never really got over, but those tattoos go so well with Nelson’s on-the-court swag. We’d like to play one-on-one with this this NBA All-Star Eye Candy.

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This sexy Samoan gave us a new appreciation for Sunday Night Football so we had to include him in our Superbowl Hotties and Multi Culti Crushes galleries.

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We know slim and sexy Tony Parker is taken, but there’s no harm in looking. He was featured in our NBA All-Star Eye Candy and we’d like to schedule a play-off with the French baller.

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Ladies went mad for Max’s body when we featured him as an Eye Candy of the Week. Can we talk about that V?