Expert Approved Beauty Resolutions

Tips and tricks for the New Year from some of our favorite beauty pros.

Crystal G. Martin Dec, 26, 2013

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"Eat more fat, yes you read correctly. The good fats—coconut oil, olive oil and nut butters.  Fats are essential for proper nerve activity, immune system function and healthy cells. I hope to help people let go of the myth that fat is bad for you!”

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“My resolution is to continue helping women make peace with their hair! For myself, I will remember to take a satin pillowcase every time I travel. It's the best way to protect your hair while you sleep. I'm good at home, but on the road I sometimes forget to pack one."

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"Resolve to exfoliate hands weekly and apply a good  cream on a daily basis.  Both regimens will help keep hands looking healthy and young!"

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“In the New Year, I want to have mercy on my hair. At least once a week, I'm going to wear my hair natural without torturing it with blow dryers and flat irons, and I'm also going to do a deep conditioning treatment.”

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"Resolve to give yourself at least a week between weaves so that your scalp has a chance to breathe."

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"I'm going to make moisturizing my nails and cuticles a regular practice by keeping a nail cuticle pen in my bag, on my night table, and even in my office. The most essential thing you can do to preserve your nails and cuticles is to moisturize them just as you moisturize your face every day.  When the weather is cold, your nails and cuticles take an extra beating, so having easy access to a nail cuticle pen is the best guarantee that you'll use it regularly.  In the event that you don't have your cuticle pen handy, apply chap stick to your cuticles as a stop gap method; you are probably carrying it in your bag at this time of year anyway."

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"Use recognizable ingredients on your skin and hair—products that you may be able to find in your kitchen. The holistic rule of thumb is if you can't ingest it, do not use it on your skin and hair."

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"I'm committing to regular facials during the year. My skin is always exposed to the elements whether it's wind, sun or cold so it's important to treat it well. I'm a big advocate for maintaining a daily skincare regimen but, I'm gonna amp up my routine by regularly taking a trip to see my aesthetician to keep my skin bright."


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