Expert Advice: Apply Rihanna's New MAC Collection Like a Pro

Rihanna's final MAC collaboration (due out in December) is perfect holiday fare—shimmery, golden, gorgeous. We road-tested the collection, enlisting celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler's expertise. Here she explains how to recreate three glam RiRi looks with bronzer, eye shadows and lipsticks from this stand-out set.

Crystal G. Martin Oct, 28, 2013

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RiRi's makeup is an enhanced natural look that makes her absolutely glowy.

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Tia's Take:  "Apply the gold shadow all over your lids. Dust the darkest shimmery brown  on the outer corners of your eyes then use it to line your lower lids. Smudge the line with your fingers for a soft ombre effect. Finally, sweep the lightest rice color right on your brown bone to make it pop."


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Tia's Take: "This illuminating powder is perfect for the winter months—by the holidays we've all lost that summer glow. When applying brozer I use what I call the '3-shape technique.' Starting at your temple, sweep a fluffy brush right under your cheek bone then go down and around your jawline. Use a very light application, so bronzer can blend in seemlessly."


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Tia's Take: "Red brings out the flaws in lips, so if you have any dryness or flaking, address that first. Use a lip scrub like Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator to slough off peeling skin, wipe away with a warm cloth then apply a balm. Let it sit for two minutes and remove. Line and shade into the lips with a red pencil. This helps your lipstick stay put. Apply the RiRi Woo and then finally tap concealer around the lips. Black women often have a little darkness in the corners of their mouths—this step camouflages that pigment and makes red pop."

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The edgy singer tones down her look with a pinkish nude lip color.

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Tia's Take: "This look can work on ladies of a variety of skin tones. If your skin is deep, create definition with with a liner that's slightly darker than this mauve-y shade. Apply Bad Girl RiRi then swipe on a layer of pink gloss. If your complexion is light, apply a thin layer of Bad Girl RiRi for a cute, nude look."