EXCLUSIVE: Kita Williams' Shares First Photos Of Son Greysun

Meet the reality star and publicist's newborn baby boy.

Charli Penn Oct, 08, 2015

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Williams, her fiancé Joe Hardy and their son, baby Greysun, pose for their first family photo while he was just a few days old.

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“He is our gift from God,” says Williams.

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“When I had to really look at that and understand that as a woman I had to be happy with myself,” Williams says of her new outlook on life as a mom. “I had to enjoy the moments and the milestones in my life and not get caught up on the selfies and recording things and the social media of it all and the false perception of people posting things.”

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Just when we thought Greysun couldn't be any cuter he goes and poses with these glasses.

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Mother and son snuggle for the cameras.

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“Once I understood who I was, what I was, and what that looked like as a woman, I could identify and really give life to myself and I was going through the transition of giving life to my son,” says Williams.

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As sweet as pie.

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“For the first time ever I realized that the new me that I was becoming was far stronger as a woman, and I understood who she needed to be as she evolved into becoming a mom,” says Williams of her time spent carrying Greysun.

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And baby makes three. We can feel the love between Hardy and Williams, who tell us their wedding day is coming very, very soon.

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Williams absolutely glowed during her pregnancy. See?!

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Mommy glow realness. Keep up with Kita's mommyhood journey on Instagram.