Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada's Bridal Shoot

Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada's Bridal Shoot
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 19, 2012

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“From your shoes to your lip color, don’t be afraid to make it pop,” says Amin. “We recommend a rouge lip. It will be just the thing you need to make the right statement on your wedding day.” Remember, your goal is to make those lips totally kissable, ladies, so he’ll want to steal sweet kisses all day long.

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It’s your day to look and feel most beautiful, so make it count. “Be sure to drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep days before the wedding,” says Amin. “[Makeup-wise], your wedding day is not the day to play with every shade under the sun. Pick one feature you’d like to accentuate and focus on that. And, don’t forget the eyebrows. To create the perfect frame for your face be sure to visit a brow specialist or brow bar.”

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“Choose a signature scent for your special day,” says Amin. “Some of my favorite brands include, Dior, Jo Malone and Hermès.”

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You may want your bridesmaids to fade into the background on your big day, but remember, even a sexy star needs the perfect setting to help her shine brightest. “The worst thing you can do is put your best girls in unflattering dresses,” Amin says. “I love Twobirds bridesmaid gowns. Each gown can be wrapped in a unique way and can be used even after the wedding.”

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Amazing accessories will instantly take your look from super pretty to glam goddess. “From fabulous shoes to dazzling jewelry and head pieces, let’s face it, a gown you wear once, but a sexy pair of pumps you use forever,” says Amin. She recommends browsing pieces from these hot accessory lines: Jannie Baltzer, Elsa Corsi, Tessa Kim, and Haute Bride. For shoes, lots of lines are creating exclusive pieces just for brides. Try Jimmy Choo or Kate Spade to start.

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Don’t let worrying about an ill-fitting gown destroy your confidence and ruin your special day. “Ignore the size,” says Amin. “While retail manufacturers changed sizing standards years ago, bridal lines still use 1940s scales, which run up to two sizes larger than today’s ready-to-wear sizes. So, don’t obsess over the size of your gown. Find one that fits properly and just enjoy wearing it.”

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A sexy silhouette is a great way to play up your curves on your wedding day, but be smart in your selections. “You may love the trumpet cut gown, but your figure may look amazing in a ball gown,” warns Amin. “Your wedding day is the one day you want to steer clear of dress trends. You can always accessorize with flair.”

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These tips were provided by Lulu Amin, founder of November Lily, an international luxury boutique bridal styling house that offers fashion and beauty services, and luxury concierge for brides. Visit NovLilyBride.com for more information.