The Evolution Of Michael Ealy: 16 Photos That Prove He's 'The Perfect Guy'

From the moment fans laid eyes on actor Michael Ealy, it was love at first sight. We look back at 15 of The Perfect Guy's finest moments ever, just because.

Charli Penn Sep, 14, 2015

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Do you remember how fast you crushed on this cutie when you first saw him on screen?

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Ealy lounging at a nightclub in 2006.

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Ealy has a lovely smile, for sure, but he has never had to flash it to get our attention. Even his sultry stare connects with the cameras.

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Ealy was all about sporting a little face fuzz back during this photo shoot in 2005.

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Ealy likes to keep his hands in his pockets when it's time to pose for the paparazzi cameras, and we like to watch him do it.

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Ealy making a political statement back during a photo shoot in 2008.

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Ealy dressed to impress on the red carpet at the 2008 premiere of Miracle at St. Anna.

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Remember when Ealy let his 'fro grow? Oh, right, of course, how could you forget?

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There's that winning smile that makes us melt every time.

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Whether he's dressed up or down, there's no denying that Ealy will forever be a heartbreaker.

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We know what you're thinking right now: Does Ealy ever take a bad photo? Nope!

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Oh, and did we mention Mr. Ealy has swag for days?

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Bae, err, we mean Ealy, never disappoints when the camera lens is focused on him.

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None of Hollywood's leading men make dapper attire look this effortless.

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We pledge allegiance to this cutie for life.

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In The Perfect Guy Ealy stars as Carter, a psychotic stalker who win actress Sanaa Lathan's heart then snaps and terrorizes her instead. While making his press rounds on the red carpet, Mr. Ealy look as close to perfect as any man can get.