Everything You Need For a Flawless 5-Minute Face

Short on time, but still want to look 'done?'

Virginia Lowman Apr, 13, 2016

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I know it's common to use eye cream at night time before you go to sleep, but I love that applying a peptide cream in the morning gives my skin a boost and leaves a fresh, dewy finish. This option from Clinique is opthalmologist tested and it has sheer light reflecting pigments that brighten skin and conceal dark circles.

$26.50, a sephora.com

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My skin is pretty clear, so I don't like to a heavy foundation to conceal imperfections. During the winter months (and during my cycle) I'll spot treat with concealer or foundation and use a heavier cream to supplement the cold weather. As the weather gets warmer, however, I love a good tinted moisturizer. This Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint is lightweight, evens out my complexion and it has SPF 30.

$44, at sephora.com

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Finding a concealer with really great texture, that still gets the job done is no easy feat. On days when my brows are not looking their best, I like to fake the look of freshly waxed bows by outlining my brows with a nude concealer. This conceal and correct palette offers a range of shades that compliment my skin through out the year and it does the job without feeling—or looking—heavy.

$49, at sephora.com

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I'm trying to skip mascara this summer, but if I don't do something to my eyes everyday then I look tired. This rose gold eye stick is great for brightening my gaze. On days when I skip my usual black liquid liner, I like to line my lower waterline with this shimmery nude hue to perk up my stare.

$29, at sephora.com

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Were I ever to become a castaway on an island and told that I could only take one beauty product (excluding skincare), my one hero product would be a brow powder. This palette is great for creating natural-looking brows. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll stick with using the darker shade alone, but when I have an event, I'll fill in the beginning of my brows with the lighter shade and use the darker shade towards the ends.

$14.99, at target.com

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Two coats of this mascara on my lashes takes my look to the next level. I love the option of using the primer to add length and volume, or just sticking with the pigment to give my lashes a color boost.

$10.99, at ulta.com

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As a brown girl, I love to dust my cheeks with a golden-apricot hue. This Taj Mahal shade from Nars warms up my complexion and gives me a little shimmer in all the right places without making me look overly 'done.'

$30, at sephora.com


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