Every Photo You Want to See of the Obamas' Historic Trip to Cuba

Over the weekend, President Barack Obama and his family arrived in Cuba to bury the hatchet in a more than half-century-long conflict. Obama is the first sitting president to visit Cuba in nearly 90 years. Check out the First Family's tour of the vibrant island's capital, Havana.

ESSENCE.COM Mar, 21, 2016

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Malia interprets Spanish to English for her dad at a restaurant in Old Havana.

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President  Obama and President Castro meets Rachel Robinson, widow of Jackie Robinson, at a baseball game.

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The President waves as he takes a stroll through Old Havana.

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President Obama greets local people in Old Havana.

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Locals wave as the Obama's walk by.

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The Obama ladies share a special moment at La Catedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Inmaculada in Old Havana.

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The motorcade rolls down a street in Havana.

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President Castro and President Obama do the wave at the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team.

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Locals await the President's arrival.

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Air Force one touches down on the island.

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The First Family has arrived!

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Locals watch the Obamas' arrival on TV in their home.

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The first family goes on a walking tour in the plaza of the 18th century Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana in the historic Old Havana neighborhood.

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The first family takes shelter from the rain.

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Cuban security force agents stand guard on a balcony as US President Barack Obama and his family tour Old Havana.

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Locals stand in a doorway hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous bunch.

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The rain didn't stop the tour of Old Havana.

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The first family stops to look at a painting of Abraham Lincoln in the Museum of the City of Havana.

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A local wearing a T-shirt with a picture President Obama waits hopefully outside the Havana Cathedral.

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Obama greets the crowd as he tours the Havana Cathedral.

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President Obama stands near the Jose Marti memorial after taking part in a wreath laying ceremony in Revolution Square.

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The President takes in the scene at a wreath-laying ceremony at Jose Marti monumenta alongside the Vice-President of the Cuban Council Salvador Valdes Mesa.

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Members of the White House press corps walk past a woman watching television on her couch as the Obamas take a walking tour of in the plaza.

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President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro meet and pose for a photo opp at the Palace of the Revolution.

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The two presidents review the troops at the Revolution Palace.

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A tourist poses for a picture with a Castro and Obama poster outside a restaurant in Havana.

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The First Lady and President greet children of US embassy staff in Havana.

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First Lady Michelle Obama greets Cuban girls as she arrives for a Let Girls Learn roundtable at the Fabrica de Arte Cubano, in Havana.

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The two Presidents meet at Havana's Palace of the Revolution for groundbreaking talks on ending the standoff between the two countries. 


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