Reader Iman Ramadan Works Makeover Magic

Makeover Magic: Iman
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 12, 2010

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“This hairstyle is very Audrey Hepburn-meets-Gwen Stefani. It’s fresh, yet Old Hollywood glamorous.”

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“My hair cut and style are very similar to this, so I wanted to experiment with makeup. I think the raccoon eye and nude lip is sexy with long, dark hair!”

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“I never pictured myself with short blond hair, but how cute is this? I could start a new life with this look. It’s even more amazing with vibrant makeup shades!”

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“This look is inspired by Gabrielle Union. It’s very girl next door, fresh face…but with my dream tan.”

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“Mmmm…highlights and bangs. I like it! The makeup is too orangey-bronze, but I think I will try the hair.”

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“This hair color was fun to try, but wasn’t right for me. That’s the best part about Makeover Magic. Now I know it’s better on Beyonce! I am loving the makeup, though.”

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“I happen to love this very dark, blue-back hair color. It’s so exotic! With a gown, this style really rocks.”

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“Ripped straight off of Mary J. Blige! I usually prefer to be creative, but when it’s right, it’s right. I love every single detail about this look.”

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“I love what this golden shade does for my complexion, and it really makes this lip color pop!”

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“This shag style makes me want to rock a fresh, clean makeup look. So youthful and fun! Great for no-fuss makeup girls.”

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“This Rihanna/Halle Berry look has the potential to be edgy and classic all in one. Clothes and makeup always help define the mood.”

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“I look like my mother! She loves this curly ‘do. I suppose it’s kind of cute on me, but my favorite styles always involve press and curl irons.”


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