ESSENCE Readers On Why They Love The Queen of Soul

ESSENCE Readers On Why They Love The Queen of Soul
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 23, 2012

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“I appreciate her soulful voice. I grew up listening to Ms. Franklin and I love to hear her sing.” –Constance Garney

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“She always has presented herself as a ‘LADY’ over the years. True beauty inside and out!” –Torrance Strong

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“She has her own sense of style. Never imitates anyone. She’s the DIVA of all DIVAS.” -Debrasha Booth-King

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“She defines diva. It’s in her confidence, style, voice, etc. The power she has in her voice defines who she is.” –Belinda Cope

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“You can’t beat her contribution to the whole music scene. She is truly inspirational.” –Roselyn Thomas

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“She is an icon for many young woman. She gives us a boost of confidence and teaches us how to love ourselves.” –Chandria Johnson

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“I admire her strength the most. To overcome what she has been through and still take a stand is why they call her the Queen of Soul.” –Tracey Kea

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“I love that she has a voice that chills you to your bones. Like the wail of a slave mourning their capture and the scream of joy at freedom time. That woman can sang!” –Ruth Peterson

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“Aretha’s music is timeless. Whatever genre of music… gospel, jazz, pop, R&B, she brings the element of soul. She’s done it ALL!! Now that’s RESPECT.” –Ayomide Love

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“I love that she seems to always be true to herself. And she can SING! Happy Birthday!” —JoCarole Fobbs

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“I have loved Ms. Franklin from the days when she sang at her father’s church. She is a great singer and a special lady. She been through a lot but is still standing. Happy Birthday, Queen Franklin. May God continue to add to your years. He hasn’t brought you this far to leave you now. We love you.” —Anita Page

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“What do I love most about the queen of soul? Well that she IS the “queen of soul!” –-Shawn Owens

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