ESSENCE Readers Celebrate Their Dads for Father's Day

There's nothing quite like a father's love. This year we asked ESSENCE readers to tell us what they love and cherish about their daddy. See their messages and join us in wishing these outstanding men a happy Father's Day!

Yolanda Sangweni Jun, 14, 2013

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"I am not ashamed to call myself a daddy's girl," writes ESSENCE readers Karen Charles.

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"Love this dude because he loves his biracial girl," writes @Curlygurl85. "He taught me to respect myself and is/was an excellent role model so I knew what to expect from a man."

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Writes self-described "daddy's girl" @bgooden13: "He is my very first love! The apple of my eye! The living example of what real fatherhood looks like!"

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"This man has always been there for me," writes ESSENCE reader @Princemama

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Writes ESSENCE reader Kaneesha Mallory: "The reason why my daddy is special to me is because he loved me through everything. We might have had our differences, but that's still my daddy. Sadly, my daddy passed away May 14, 2011 exactly one month after my 21st birthday but I cherished the time with him."

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"Happy Father's Day to my Daddy!" writes ESSENCE reader @I_dream_of_Junie

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"I am forever grateful for the sacrifices he made. Thank God for my daddy! " writes ESSENCE reader @Katinamarque

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"Because he taught me how to LOVE!" writes ESSENCE reader @RiceandGravy143

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"I am almost 41 years old and this is my first ever dance with my father! " writes ESSENCE reader @Bellesbloom

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"Me and my Daddy Ted Hunt. We be matchin' Happy Father's Day," writes ESSENCE reader Pam Perry.

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"He's far from perfect, but he tries for me. I give him props for making a change for his family," writes ESSENCE reader Khadijah Dennis.

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"My Dad has always been there and supported me and my sister! Love you Daddy!," writes ESSENCE reader Denetra Denson.

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Writes ESSENCE reader @Plastictruth: "He taught me to always walk with my head up like I had a million dollars in my pocket and that I'm never alone [because] God is always with me."

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"My daddy and me on one of my birthdays," writes ESSENCE reader @AlliV.

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"R.I.P. to my loving father Bishop Vander Dan Purcell Sr. May his legacy live on through all of us, as light," writes ESSENCE reader Mia Morning.