ESSENCE & Bacardi Mojito Event: Love, Art & Respect

Bacardi Mojito In The Mix
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 28, 2009

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DJ Qool Marv on the Turntables.

2 of 24 Managing Editor Emil Wilbekin & DJ Peter Paul.

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Graphic artist Shawn Martinbrough; Jason Lampkin, 40 Acres; and Emil Wilbekin.

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Emil Wilbekin and artist M. Tony Peralta.

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Hosts (from left) Scott Tucker, ISC Design Concepts and creator of Raunjiba; Lesley Pinckney, General Manager; Leah Hamilton, 40 Acres & LiLi Happi; and Emil Wilbekin.

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Emil Wilbekin and guest.

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Stacy Billups; TooFly Artist & Scott Tucker, artist and event host from ISC Design Concepts.

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ISC Design Concept Studio in Brooklyn.

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Tatum Turner and Dayna Gilliard.

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Jason Lampkin and Emil Wilbekin.

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Guests enjoy a collection of paintings and sculptures by host Scott Tucker and other featured artists.

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Celebrity photographer Marc Baptiste, left, Leah Hamilton and Emil Wilbekin.

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The team: Lesley Pinckney, Emil Wilbekin and Dayna Gilliard.

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Guest Akua and photographer Keith Major.

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Celebrity art enthusiasts and patrons attending the event include Patrick Earl Barnes and Thomas Heath of the Heath Gallery, along with the executive team and Leah Hamilton.

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Desmond Hall, Traceye Smith and Tara Deveaux.

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The Hosts-The ESSENCE Team, Scott Tucker of Raunjiba and Deon Harris of Empire Merchants representing Bacardi Mojito.

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Great signage..Love, Art, Respect-which one are you?

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Make your own Mojito Bar!

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A sculpture by Scott Tucker.

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Singer and model Maiysha is having a blast while making her own Bacardi Mojito.

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Leah Hamilton takes time out of playing hostess to make a much-needed Bacardi Mojito!

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Guests enjoying their Bacardi Mojitos.

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Guest Tara Deveaux and Bacardi representative Deon Harris.