Your Ultimate Guide to 'Empire's' Season One Cameos

What do you get when you mix Cuba Gooding Jr., Naomi Campbell, Gladys Knight and a smorgasbord of other A-listers? A hot first season of Fox's Empire. There have been so many cameo appearances this season that it's hard to keep track of them all, but don't worry; we've got you covered. Who's been your favorite guest?

Taylor Lewis Mar, 11, 2015

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We were introduced to Puma (Gooding Jr.) in episode three as a hustler/songwriter-turned-rancher who was—and still is—hopelessly in love with Cookie. Cookie, desperate to find a talented songwriter for Jamal, seeks the help of the FBI to track down Puma, who, as it turns out, works at a farm for at-risk youth. Times may have changed, but, praise God, Puma did not lose his songwriting skills.

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Age ain't nothin' but a number, right? At least that's the tune that underage Hakeem and a clearly older Camilla (Campbell) are singing. The two have been keeping their steamy relationship under wraps for more than a year. However, once they make the bold decision to go public with their love, Cookie has a few choice words for the cougar.

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We don't know much about the "No More Drama" singer's role in tonight's episode, but we do know that she'll be collaborating with Lucious Lyon during one of the episode's flashbacks. What role do you think she played in the making of an Empire?

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The Dreamgirl will be stepping into the shoes of Michelle White, a music therapist who appears to work with a mentally unstable Andre. Hmmm… Is there any chance that their musical relationship might turn into something a little steamier? 

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When Olivia (Symoné) came swooping into Empire with a precious little girl in tow, we had a feeling that she wasn't bringing good news. Our premonition was right: She is Jamal's ex-wife (a business marriage, says Jamal) who claims that Jamal is her baby daddy (he only slept with her one time). Surprise, Jamal! Bet you didn't see that coming.

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Boy, Lucious sure can put on a show when he wants to. After he ruthlessly murders his long-time confidante—and Cookie's cousin—Bunkie, he pulls out all the stops for the funeral. An extravagant church? Check. A tearful eulogy? Check. A powerful hymn sung by none other than Gladys Knight? CHECK.

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He played the bad boy in The Breakfast Club, and now he's playing the bad boy in Empire. We were introduced to Lucious' industry rival, Billy Barreti (Nelson), in episode four after he stole one of Empire's clients. And that drama heated up last week after a scorn Anika ran to Billy to get back at Lucious.

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Before the affair, before the deceit, Anika and Lucious were simply two people (okay, millionaires) in love. Lucious decided to put a ring on it, but he had to put his special Lyon twist on it. The solution? Fly Anthony Hamilton in from England to serenade his beloved as a professed his love for her. We should have known that this was going to be the engagement to end all engagements.

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Fearing a data breach, Lucious decides to hire a security team for Empire. Enter Malcolm DeVeaux (Luke), a man who understands Lucious' security needs (and a man who Cookie wants to take care of her, um, needs as well). Cookie needs a good man in her life. Come on, Derek! Why won't you just take the Cookie?

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Homegirl was struggling before she got a little touch of Cookie's magic. After Cookie is introduced to Elle Dallas (Love), a washed up, drug-addled musician, she makes it her personal mission to whip that woman into shape to perform at Leviticus. And she does… Until a jealous Anika decides to get back at Cookie by drugging Elle's drink right before she hits the stage.

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International superstar Estelle portrayed international superstar Delphine, a wickedly talented singer who befriends a star-struck Jamal. As Empire singers continue dropping the label, Jamal, with minimal support from Lucious, convinces Delphine to sign with the company. 

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The girl can sing. As soon as we heard Veronika (Bozeman) belt out "What is Love" in the first few minutes of the pilot, there was no turning back; we were hooked. Much to our delight, Veronika popped up during last week's episode, but—gasp!—it was because she was selling her soul to the devil, also known as Lucious' rival, Billy Barreti.