EMF 2010: Eye Candy at ESSENCE Music Festival

EMF 2010: Eye Candy at the ESSENCE Music Festival
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 04, 2010

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The 2010 ESSENCE Music Festival brought out all the cuties, from actor Michael Ealy and Idris Elba to New Orleans Saints Darren Sharper and Leigh Torrence.

On Sunday July 4th, Michael Ealy surprised the ladies at ESSENCE Music Festival with an impromptu visit. We love the beard he’s sporting.

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The fitness models and trainers from the City Gym Boys represented for McDonald’s all weekend. Luis says that women always tell him they like his smile. He’s looking for a lady who’s “lovely and truthful.”

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Marlon Green is 34 and single. He says he stopped looking, but would love a woman who “understands the operational tempo of the army.”

“As long as we’re a country at war, we’re going to be gone a lot,” he says.

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Sexy and very single actor Lamman Rucker joined a panel of men, including Hill Harper, Darren Sharper, Ed Gordy and Jeff Johnson to discuss dating and the challenges they face as men.

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Raphael Saadiq dipped and twirled and took it back to the old school with a 2010 spin while on the main stage of the Superdome at EMF 2010. We love the way he moves.

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They don’t call him Big L for nothing. Look at those biceps! LL Cool J left us speechless when he took the stage. We’d like to “swing an episode.”

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Twenty-five-year-old Brandon Thomas is in a relationship. He says he looks for the “overall package” in a woman — intelligence, beauty and long-term goals. Thomas confesses he loves beautiful Black women.

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We had to stop Laurence Duhe from Louisiana when we saw him walking by in the convention center. He said he fell for his girlfriend Tia because she “has my back when I don’t. I couldn’t help but love her.”

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New Orleans Saints cornerback Leigh Torrence showed off his Super Bowl Championship ring.

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Kwame Boachie-Adjei is ESSENCE’s Single Man of the Month for June 2010. The ladies love his sexy arms, beautiful smile and big heart. This sexy single man travels around the world assisting on spinal surgeries for the less fortunate.

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Yes ladies, those are real.

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We stay stalking sexy “Takers” actor Idris Elba. We got a shot of him while on the ESSENCE Music Festival main stage talking about the upcoming film.

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Thirty-five-year-old Chris McGuffey fell in love with his girlfriend because she was independent, motivated, spiritual and knew how to take care of him.

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It’s no secret that Hair Architect Keith Campbell is also quite the looker. We love his funky sense of style. Here’s a big kiss to you Campbell.

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Boris, Boris, Boris. We will always love you.

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Look at the dimples on New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper. This cutie doesn’t even need to say anything. Just smile.

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We were screaming so loudly when Trey Songz came through the New Orleans convention center on Sunday July 4.

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The ladies at EMF 2010 got stirred up when Keri Hilson called El Debarge to the stage during her performance on Saturday night, July 3.

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City Gym Boy Charles Lasalle says his passion is fitness and mentoring youth. He admits that the ladies at EMF love his muscles.

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We’ve loved T.I.‘s acting skills since “ATL.” We’re psyched for his role in “Takers.”

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