Election Day 2012: Essence Readers Rock the Vote

It's Election Day 2012!  We asked our Instagram followers to show us how they're rocking the vote today by sharing their photos with the #EssenceVotes hashtag. Check out these reader shots straight from the polls.

ESSENCE.COM Nov, 06, 2012

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The line was wrapped around the building but that didn’t stop Tiffany and her husband from going to vote.

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“First time voter. Second time voter.”

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“99 problems and Mitt aint one.”

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“Some important issues are on the ballot this year to me and I want a president that will fight for me, as a first generation American and Black woman who is in college.”

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“Me and my uncle were first in line to vote this morning!”

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“I’m going back to the inauguration for sure.”

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“Exercise your right to vote!”

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"Voted for her 4 year old son who was in her tummy when she went to vote in 2008."

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“It was cold, but that wasn’t about to stop me!”

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"This family rocked the vote!"

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"Never too early to start voting."

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"Voted early!"

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“We just voted!”

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“My brother’s first vote at 20 years old.  My dad would be so proud of this day.”

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“The couple that votes together…”

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“Well that is done…voting early is where it’s at.  What about you?"

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“Waited in line for about 45 minutes to vote.  That’s nothing compared to all the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors to exercise this right!”

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"Voted early!"

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“My little crew and I went out to vote today. If you want change you have to get out there and be a part of it.”

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“Maryland voter because MY VOTE COUNTS!!!”

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"Never too early!"

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“I voted, did you?”

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“I voted!”

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“Just voted!  It felt different this time, I’m older, wiser and I fully understand what my vote in this Election means!”

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“Thankful for my right to vote and that I didn’t have to risk my life to vote unlike those before me!  I’m ready to move forward!”

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“Go Obama” 

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“Don’t let anyone intimidate you or turn you away. This is a right that was denied from us for so long.”

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“Considering I am registered to vote in PA, I made it my duty to vote.  Pennsylvania is one of the swing states and every vote counts!"

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“It’s stylish to vote!”

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“Voted for the first time in California!”

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“I voted!”

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“Please vote!  Your vote does count.”

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 “I feel so awesome right now!”

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 “In and out in 30 minutes. No excuses!”

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“I couldn’t see myself not voting. Shut up and VOTE!”

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"We voted…so anxious!"

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“Well worth the 3 hour wait."

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“Happy Voting Day!”

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“I voted, did you?”

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"I love the energy and the hustle of Election Day!” 

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"#sayitlout #obamanation #speakyourpeace"

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“It’s official…He Votado Hoy (they ran out of English stickers)!”

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“Dutchess County Volunteer in Poughkeepsie, NY. They asked for spirit, and I’m giving them spirit!”

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“Picking Obama since 2007.”