Editor's Picks: Workout Gear

ESSENCE editors weigh in on what they wear when they're working it out.

Celia L. Smith Jun, 18, 2014

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"I do like to avoid the uni-boob look and have some type of separation when it comes to sports bras," Associate Market Editor Reneise Francis tells us. "If there's a lot of cardio or bouncing involved my breasts really need to be contained. I like the sports bras that are like bras with a hook closure, strong straps, underwire because underneath needs to have good foundation."

No Bounce Cami Bra, Glamorise, $35, justmysize.com.

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"I’m super obsessed with my Nike Futura work-out pants. I’m a slim-thick girl and these are definitely figure flattering," dishes our Public Relations guru, Chloe Williams. "They keep you looking lean, are extremely comfortable and flexible and I don’t find myself constantly having to pull them up during an intense workout."

"Futura Leg-A-See" pants, NIKE, $45, nike.com.

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"The workout  pants that I prefer to wear are usually high-waisted because I like to also have a waist-cincher as I work out, so I sweat more in that particular area," says Allyson Brown, our cool Creative Director of Marketing. "I'll wear it with a sports tank over so it's doubling up in the mid-section and I produce more sweat in that area."

Hi-waist "Sculpt" pants, NIKE, $110, nike.com.

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"I'm not a big girl, so my tops aren't super technical, but I like this one because it absorbs sweat and I don't feel like I'm working out," says Deena Campbell, Hair & Beauty Editor. "It has moisture wicking properties so I don't feel like I just jumped in a pool. It also feels like a custom fit and the more you wear it, the better it works for you."

"One Series" strappy bra, Reebok, $35, reebok.com.

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"I love stretch pants! Shorts ride up and I hate that. It actually makes me feel more self-conscious and instead of exercising I end up focusing on how I look," Relationships Editor Charli Penn admits. "I like stretch pants that are super fitted and controlled, so I feel like I'm working out in Spanx—that's always helpful."

Skirted compression capris, Old Navy, $37, oldnavy.com.


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