Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Gets His Own HBO Series

Plus: POTUS visits Jamaica, Spike Lee eyes Kanye West for his new movie, DMX blames the gas station robbery on the devil and more!

Jolie A. Doggett Apr, 10, 2015

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HBO has set the premiere date for a new comedy series starring none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Ballers will be a sports comedy series where a former football star (The Rock) tries to get his life back on track while mentoring current players. We know what we'll be watching on June 21 at 10pm. [Flavorwire]

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For the first time in nearly 30 years, a U.S. president is visiting Jamaica. On Thursday, President Barack Obama started a three-day visit to the Caribbean island to strengthen the U.S. connection with the country. He's the first president to set foot in the country since Reagan in 1982. Welcome to Jam Rock, POTUS! [The Grio]

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DMX was recently accused of robbing a 21-year-old at a gas station. While the rapper does admit he was at a gas station the night of the incident, he says the accusations brought up against him are nothing but the work of the Devil.

"I have no idea what it's about. It come with the territory. People will accuse you of things," he said. "the harder the Devil works at trying to destroy me, it's because I'm special to God." [Complex]

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Production for Spike Lee's newest film is already underway and the famed director is eyeing some old and new blood to play the lead. Reports say Lee is looking to Samuel L. Jackson and rapper Kanye West to star in Chiraq, a film about the gun violence in Chicago. [The Wrap]

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Tavis Smiley is not a fan of Empire. During an appearance on Larry King's talk show, Smiley said he thinks the show portrays Black people in a bad light. 

"The problem with Empire is that it advances the worst of every pathology that Black people have—crime and drug dealing and this and that and the other," he said.

Empire creator Lee Daniels isn't letting Smiley's comments phase him. 

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” Daniels told ET. “I adore Mr. Smiley. I think he’s a very smart man.” [The Root]


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