Dwayne and Gabrielle Wade's Honeymoon Adventure

The newlyweds are having tons of fun on their honeymoon in Africa. From swimming in the Indian Ocean to going on safari in Tanzania, here's a glimpse at what they've been up two these past two weeks.

Sylvia Obell Sep, 12, 2014

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Wade and his bride managed to fit in a selfie, or two, or three while taking Africa by storm.

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"About last week... Maldives on our deserted island ish... Great start to an epic adventure #irefusedtowearclothes #OurLifeOurWay," posted Union.

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"When the Indian Ocean is ya swimming pool..You dive in! But first... Play that Beyonce baby," posted Gabrielle. How amazing does she look in that bikinni?! Werk!

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"Off to another adventure," Wade posted as they got ready to head to the second leg of their honeymoon adventure.

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"Pure joy! Life on the Serengeti," posted Gabrielle. The couple are spending the second leg of their honeymoon in Tanzania.

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We wish these two newlyweds nothing but the best as they continue their honeymoon adventure.