Double Tap That! #Instagood Times from Black Women in Hollywood

The most double tap worthy behind-the-scenes moments from our 9th annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon.

Lauren Porter Feb, 24, 2016

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YAASS!! Any moment with Oprah is a good one! We love this picture of Garcelle Beauvais and Lady O! 

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Kisses to Zendaya and our Beauty and Style Director Pam Edwards Christiani! 


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Miss Tina looks amazing and so does Jurnee! 

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Look at our Entertainment Director and our February cover star look great! 

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Come through melanin! We see you ladies working the red lip!

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The awesome Luvvie caught a pic with Nate Parker on the red carpet! Yes!! 

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Everybody loves Chris! 

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On the red carpet, Keke thanked Garcelle for paving the way for actresses like her! We love moments like this! 

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We love these Shondaland ladies! 

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Issa kicked it with her squad inside before the action got started!

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These three ladies are serving it! We can't get enough!

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Thandie and Suzanne are glowing!

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But first, let me take a picture! We are loving Amber's look for the pre-Oscar luncheon!

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Ya'll better serve face! Yes ladies! 

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The British beauty snapped a photo with our ESSENCE 2016 short film contest winner Thais Francis. 

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The glow in this picture is overwhelming! Iman and Kelly look stunning! 

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These ladies came ready for a close up! Looking great!

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Our 2015 Short Film Contest winner got a picture with Oprah! 

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So this happened! How fab does everyone look!

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Erica Campbell's daughter Krista got a pic with our BWIH Legend honoree Ms. Debbie Allen! How precious! 

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Our 2016 BWIH Legend receipient Debbie Allen and her husband Norm celebrate during the event! #BlackLove

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Former ESSENCE editor Demetria Lucas-D'Oyley looks uber fab with the fierce Tracee Ellis-Ross!

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The world of Wilbekin looks like a party! How much fun! 

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The daughter of Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell had such a cute moment with The Wiz Live alum Amber Riley! Werk ladies! 

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The Community actress grabbed a moment with the sisters of our fierce and fabulous honoree Tracee Ellis-Ross! 

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Can you believe Margaret Avert from The Color Purple is 72! How great do she and Erica look! 

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Funny lady Kym Whitley looks amazing alongside Evan and Rhonda! 

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How heavenly do these ladies look?! Evelyn, we are feeling that jumpsuit girl! 

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We love that Holly brought her mom along to celebrate during our pre-Oscar luncheon! 

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How gorgeous are these smiles! 

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Serve. Face!! 

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Two of our fave Orange is the New Black stars and Garcelle look so divine inside BWIH! 

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Skin on fleek! 

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Brillance captured in one moment! 

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Norm Nixon Jr got a picture with two of this year's honorees, one of which just happens to be his mom! No big deal! 

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Lady O shared a moment with some of the young ladies of the American Grace Conservatory! How precious! 

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Luvvie and the genius mind behind our favorite Thursday night shows look wonderful! 

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So much fabulousness happening here! 

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The secret to a divine selfie is the Ty-Lite! These two have mastered it! 

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Look! It's a three-way slay! 

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Zendaya and the young stars from the American Grace Conservatory