Don't Change the Channel! 17 Movies We Could Watch a Million Times

You know the scenario: you're channel surfing on a Saturday night when you come across a classic you've seen more than a dozen times. Whether it's in the middle or towards the end, you don't dare change the channel. From Coming to America to Love and Basketball, we've rounded up the 17 movies we could watch over, and over, and over again. Tell us what we missed.

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We could watch this Tina Turner biopic a million times and still come back for more. Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne as Ike and Tina were simply brilliant.

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Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall as Prince Akeem and Semmi are unforgetteable in Coming to America. And even though you know every single quote, and the plotline, this 1988 classic never gets old.

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You may not immediately think of the heist film as a representation of friendship, but the sisterhood at the core of the film is what really drives this action-packed flick.

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From Miss Celie to Miss Sophia's memorable lines (You told Harpo to beat me?"), the characters in this 1985 classic keep you coming back. Over and over again.

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By far one of the most memorable rom coms of our time. Watching Love Jones for the 20th time sounds like a perfect idea.

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Go on and admit it, you watched New Jack City for like the 15th time this past weekend.

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We dare you not to stay glued each time you watch this seminal Spike Lee joint. Characters like Radio Raheem, Mookie, Buggin Out and Mother Sister are unforgettable.

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New Line Cinema

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Waiting to Exhale (again), a glass of wine, and your girlfriends! Sounds like the perfect night in.

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No list of addictive movies can leave out The Best Man. This feel-good flick about a group of college friends who reunite for a wedding, so perfectly captures friendships and the Black college experience.

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That Friday afternoon spent on Craig's (Ice Cube) porch watching him and Smokey (Chris Tucker) smoke, drink and get into neighborhood politics is still a must-see. Besides, it's where we first heard the now-inescapeable "Bye Felicia!"

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Fourteen years later, Love and Basketball remains in our top 10 must-see. Was it Monica (Sanna Lathan) and Quincy's (Omar Epps) bond over basketball, their competitiveness, their love for each other? We'll have to watch again to find out.

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Nevermind that you've seen this movie a hundred times, and know almost every line. The comedic genius of Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and even Bernie Mac, shines through each and every time.

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This newbie on the list is already a classic and reminds us of the romantic comedy ensemble casts we loved back in the 90s.

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The original story of love and hip hop still makes our hearts flutter. And we'll always root for Syd (Sanaa Lathan) and Dre's (Taye Diggs) love.

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Little is fair in the game of love. Shante (Vivica A. Fox) find out the hard way as she tries to keep Keith (Morris Chestnut), the man of her dreams, in check. Rewind, please.

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This 1991 musical is always on TV, so we oblige. Besides, the juicy plotline, and eye candy, keeps us watching again, and again.