Sheldon and Sherwin Robinson HOME BASE: Baltimore; Washington, D.C . PROFESSION: Theater and club managers DOING RIGHT: These St. Croix—born twins are laser-focused on helping our young people. Sherwin (younger by 15 minutes), who manages Love, one of the biggest nightclubs in the Washington, D.C., metro area, organizes toy drives at the club to benefit children from battered homes; his efforts last year generated toys for 150 kids. "I'm all about the growth of young people today," he says. "I want to motivate them by showing that there are positive things out there for them." Sheldon, who is relocating to Kansas City to be a general manager for the Midland Theater, is equally passionate about his work as a mentor and tutor with the Promise Academy Charter School, which is part of the Harlem Children's Zone.

Aug, 28, 2008

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