Designer Must-Haves

From lip balm to soy lattes, designers share how they survive New York Fashion Week.

Celia L. Smith Sep, 04, 2013

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Designer Must-Have: "Green healthy smoothie every morning." ––B Michael

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Designer Must-Have: “During New York Fashion Week, I meet so many people and partake in numerous interviews that I cannot live without my EOS lipbalm.” ––Rachel Roy

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Designer Must-Have: "I can't live without bags and bags of Zapps potato chips!" ––Nicole Miller

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Designer Must-Have: "I cannot live without my iPad. I have all of my inspiration images there, my music and even my sketch pad." ––LaQuan Smith

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Designer Must-Have: "During fashion week, I drink an insane amount of Soy Lattes from Gregory's to keep me going during the long days." ––Mara Hoffman

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Designer Must-Have: "Optimum Nutrition Protein Bars 3 times a day." ––Kip Rubin and Sonja Chapelle

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Designer Must-Have: "I have a few must-have tools close by to negate any unexpected emergencies and trust me a live show is like live TV and if something can happen it will so the rule is BE PREPARED. Some handy tools are: a birthday candle for a stubborn zipper, baby powder for when a  swollen foot gets caught in a tight shoe, static guard for voluminous fabric- backstage really is electric in more ways than one,  I also try to motivate the models and give them the encouragement they need to make their turn on the runway great. I have done my job and now it up to them. A hug or a smile goes a long way." ––Lubov Azria

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Designer Must-Have: "Coffee, coffee, coffee. I like my Café Bustello or my El Pico." ––Tracy Reese

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Designer Must-Have: “A strong team with the same goal in mind.” ––Tadashi Shoji