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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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The 20-years married, first time film actors David and Tamela Mann, best known on stage and the small screen as loveable father-daughter duo, Leroy and Cora Brown.

“We’re excited. This is our first motion picture and we know you’re supposed to keep that kind of stuff in, but no, we’re excited! We’re happy,” David says.

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David’s alter ego Mr. Brown and his lovely wife Tamala enjoying a drink.

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(left to right:) “Kirk Franklin, Darryl Blair, who is my pastor, friends and my wife Tamala at dinner. We all went to high school together and formed a group called the Humble Hearts.”

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A teenaged David preserving his sexy and showing the early beginnings of his zany character Mr. Brown. “I had a Mohawk, I was Puff Grand Daddy back then.”

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“The browns are straight country bumpkins—we’re just a big mess!” says David Mann.

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David Mann as Mr. Brown “Most of the times the cast has no idea what I’m going to do when I walk on that stage because I don’t do dress rehearsals.


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