Dating Quiz: Which 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Are You?

Dating Quiz: Which "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Star Are You?
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 29, 2009

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You may have more in common with the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” than you think. For this week’s Frisky Friday, see which southern belle you resemble on the dating scene.

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Can’t resist the bad boys? You may be dating like NeNe Leakes in her younger years. But after leaving an abusive relationship and becoming a single mom, she realized it was time for something new and vowed to not have another child without being married to a great guy.

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Ladies with their eyes set on an older and established man may become the woman NeNe is today. The author met hubby Gregg during her days as a stripper in Atlanta. As they got serious and he asked her to be his wife, she stopped working and hasn’t looked back. Now she’s building her own brand, with her husband by her side.

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Like many women coming out of a long relationship, Sheree Whitfield is enjoying getting back to her old self and doing what she wants when she wants. As she launches her fashion line, her eyes are open for a man with something to bring to the table.

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After a marriage that didn’t work out, Sheree is more concerned with having a good time than getting a ring. You may have something in common with the newly single mom if you’re easing back out onto the dating scene and testing the waters.

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Like many Black women, Lisa Wu Hartwell is a stand-by-your-man type of woman. When the going got tough in her old relationships she would try to stick it out. She soon discovered love should be easy, and after divorce has focused on her two sons and loving herself. That’s when true love came knocking.

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You can’t discuss Lisa Wu Hartwell without discussing her hubby, Ed. The duo realized soon after meeting they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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There is no shame in Kim Zolciak’s game. She’s not letting men have all the fun, as she’s enjoying playing the field, after her recent “split” from her married boyfriend, only known as Big Papa.

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Kim kicked off the first season of the show, asking her secret married lover to treat her to a new Escalade. We instantly realized the blonde mom had no qualms of asking her suitors to foot the bill for the pleasure of being in her company.

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Kandi Burruss may have been new to the show this season, but she is no stranger to entertainment and hard work. Having her own money, the singer only needs a man for love. She looked past her late fiancé A.J.’s six children to see the man behind the circumstances.

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Men love you ‘cause you got your own? You may be dating like Kandi—strong enough to get your own in the world and wise enough not to have to throw it in a man’s face.

Which “Housewives” woman are you like when it comes to dating?