Dare To Be You: Instagram Beauties

Last week we asked our Instagram followers to let us know why they're beautiful. Here are our 50 favorite replies.

ESSENCE.COM Oct, 04, 2012

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“I love my chocolate skin and full lips, but I adore my locs because they are beautiful, versatile, all mine and now teal at the tips and we have grown up together (and continue to do so).”

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This Instagrammer loves her high cheekbones because she "gets them from her momma."

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“My favorite feature is my lips.  While growing up I was teased for how big they are, now people get injections to get them this full.”

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“What I feel makes beautiful is my confidence.  Plus size women are constantly told that because of their size they aren’t beautiful.  I feel sorry for those who feel that way because beautiful doesn’t mean skinny.  I love my curves!”

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“I love my face and my short hair cut because it makes me feel powerful and elegant.”

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“I love my eyes because they are the windows to my soul…you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their eyes”

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“In my youth I intentionally covered my face with my hair.  Today I’m proud of my freckles and my birthmark.  I love me with my flaws and all.”

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“Hands down my favorite feature is my eyes.  These puppies have gotten me out of a lot of trouble.

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“I love the skin I’m in. It’s smooth like fine silk. Soft like Egyptian cotton. Pure like golden honey. I feel rich in my roots.”

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"My height! I love being 6'6" and wouldn't change it for the world. #blessed."

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“My favorite beauty feature is my smile!  It makes me approachable and reveals my spirit!”

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“My imperfections are uniquely mine.  I was born to stand out, born to be me! I promise you imperfection never looked so good!”

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This Instagrammer loves her eyes because they’re the key to her soul. 

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This Instagrammer loves her natural beauty and short hair. She also embraces her gap. 

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“My appreciation for these kinks and coils that God has blessed me with has changed my life”

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“I love my smile and slight dimples because I get this feature from my mother and grandmother.  Smiling helps me feel better when I am down.”

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“I love my locs because they enhance my natural beauty”

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“My full lips used to be something I was ashamed of and teased about.  I wouldn’t do things to make my lips stand out but over time I embraced my lovely full lips.”

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“I love my big eyes and dark skin…How I’ve grown to love and embrace them both…things I got ridiculed about as a child and adult.  Loving all of me!”

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“I love my eyes.  I got teased about them when I was a kid because they were big lol.  They are me…and I love me some!”

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“I’m proud of my eyes and lips.  I was teased in high school because my eyes were big but I love their shape which runs in my family.  I was also teased because of the natural darker color and fullness of my lips but I love them because I don’t have to use much gloss/lipstick for them to pop!"

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This Instarammer loves her freckles because they make her unique.

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"I love my cheeks because it’s just something about them that people want to pinch!"

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“I always used to try and hide my forehead with bangs because I hated being talked about and I thought it was so huge!  Now I could care less because it’s what makes me, me!"

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“I love the gap between my two front teeth.  Over the years a few random people suggested I have it closed but I refused.  I accept myself just how I am and I’m not willing to change a thing.”

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“It’s unconventional, but I love the scar on my left cheek from when I had the chicken pox.  It’s my own little beauty mark!"

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This Instagrammer loves her smile.

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“Out of all my features I love my long slender neck.  My neck holds my head up high to embrace myself as a beautiful black queen!”

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“I love my natural hair and embracing the fullness of my kinks with confidence everyday on this fun hair journey.” 

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“My moles are my favorite beauty feature.  They come from my grandma.”

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“My blowout is my favorite feature. It is quick, simple and BOLD!”

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This Instagrammer loves her natural hair because it’s wash and go.

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“I love that I wear glasses.  I have so much fun with the different shapes and colors!”

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“My favorite feature is my warm cocoa skin passed down from my father and grandfather.”

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“I love me some ME. My eyes, smile, nose, ears…I love it all through God’s eyes he created me!”

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“My gap used to be the reason I wouldn’t smile and now I’ve realized the uniqueness it adds…I love my gap!”

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“I love my nose, courtesy of my grandmother whose no longer with me, and although I didn’t really like it, it reminds me of her.”

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“My favorite beauty trait is my hair!  When I was younger I would only wear it straight because I didn’t embrace my curls.  Now, not only do I embrace my hair, but I love its versatility and that I'm able to rock it based on how I’m feeling that day.”

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“I like my face shape and I like me!”

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“I feel that my hair is my best feature because it’s resilient, it’s beautiful, and it’s mine!"

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“My absolute favorite feature is without question my natural hair.  God has blessed me with tresses that have provided many opportunities and inspired others. I just love it!”

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“My smile is my best asset.   It is with such warmth and sincerity.  I love the way it brightens anyone’s day!”

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“My smile is not perfect but it's real and comes from the heart every time!”

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“I love my bright red locs. They’re as dynamic, colorful, versatile and eclectic as I am as a Black woman and an artist.”

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“I never liked to smile in pictures because my eyes would disappear. Now I realize life is too short not to laugh as hard as you can.”

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“My favorite beauty feature is my dimple.  Unlike most people I have only one and I think that’s unique.”

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“I used to hate my skin complexion growing up because I was always the darkest person in my class but I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in.  Black is beautiful!"

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“I love my easy-to-manage, short haircut.  It’s my signature style!”

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“My favorite feature are my lips. They are so diverse from speaking my mind, to portraying my lipstick.”

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“I love my eyelashes! I think they highlight my eyes and my face.”


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