Cuts Matter: DevaChan Salon Gives Ladies a Curl Makeover

When trying to perfect your natural curl look, especially the beloved wash-n-go, the cut does matter. Afraid of the shears? Don't be. Cutting won't stunt your hair growth, but it will give you the best curls you’ve ever seen and allow your curls to reach their maximum potential.

Andrea Jordan Mar, 11, 2015

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Danyelle’s hair was very long and tightly coiled. The weight and length of her hair came from the top layers which didn’t flatter her face or give her hair the body and movement she wanted.

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Denis cut layers into her hair that gave her curls a lift, without losing much of the length. “I love how my hair frames my face and brings out my features," she says. "I didn’t realize it made such a big difference. I love my hair now more than ever!”

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Ronne started with layers already in her hair, but her wash-n-go’s weren’t giving her the results she hoped for.

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Denis focused on cutting a shape towards the back of her hair that lifted her strands to give her more body. She also learned the DevaCurl method of applying products to get the super-defined coil she wanted. “I love how my DevaCut adds height and layers. I can quickly wash and go and they style is already there! And it still looks healthy straightened too!”

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Bettina never wore her hair curly. Her texture would only come from twist outs because she didn’t believe she had curly hair. Boy, was she wrong.

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Denis kept her funky cut but lightened the color of her shaved sides to give it more dimension. He also shaped her mohawk top and clipped the heat-damaged strands to create an edgy, but defined look. “I never thought I had a curl pattern until I got my DevaCut. Denis really played up my funky look and taught me how to maintain my wash-n-go’s at home.”

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Sylvia has very tiny, fragile coils. She was over the inconsistency of her wash-no-go results. Some days it would be long, some days it would shrink to her head.

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Denis gave her TWA a more uniform look with shorter sides and a longer top to show the length. And with the DevaCurl method, you can see each individual curl so nicely defined.


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# Natural