The Cutest Moments from Jamie Foxx and Daughter's Montana Family Getaway

We didn't think Jamie Foxx and his 5-year-old daughter could get any cuter (remember when she was his date to the Grammys earlier this year?) but we were wrong. The two jetted off to the mountains of Montana last week to indulge in a little bit of hiking and a whole bunch of daddy-daughter time. 

Taylor Lewis Jun, 15, 2015

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Fun for Annalise = a workout for Jamie. The two take a break from their ATV to pose for a quick pic.

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Annalise's grin says it all: She's basking in the happiness of her special trip with Daddy.

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Jamie, Annalise and a family friend catch some (fresh) air.

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We have a sneaking suspicion that she's the queen of Jamie's life.

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They're on top of the world!

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Jamie and Annalise are coming in nice and clear.

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The duo climbs aboard for a little bit of horseback riding.

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Little Annalise is a horseback riding pro! 

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Time to head home. Looks like Annalise wore her daddy out!