Curvy Model of The Month: Lisa Visagie

Lisa Visagie is a 21-year-old South African stunner who overcame her struggle to be a size 2 model by embracing her curves. Now she's spreading the word: "Healthy is The New Skinny!"

Celia L. Smith Mar, 31, 2013

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How does the model keep her skin flawless?: " I love Bio Oil at night because it helps even out my skin tone, and it keeps my skin looking radiant and healthy."

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"My curvy style icon is Jennifer Lopez! She is the epitome of a beautiful curvy woman."

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"It sounds a little silly but I always practice posing in my bathroom mirror," she reveals.

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"Stay confident in yourself and never let the industry destroy your self-esteem!"

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"I want to keep my curves, but stay in shape."

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"I don't have a petite figure, so I check out LookBook mostly to get inspired as to what is trendy at the moment and what can fit my body type."

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"I have been vintage shopping a lot recently, so I'd say GoodWill is my clothing store of the moment," shares Visagie.

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"When I wear high heels, I feel special because I don't wear them very often."

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"I try to see beauty in everyone," says the model.

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"I have been on a new workout routine with my boyfriend doing a lot of squats and dead-lifts."

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"When I do a photo shoot it's my job to be beautiful but when I help a young girl discover that she really is beautiful in her own way, I truly feel beautiful."