Curvy Model of The Month: 10 Gym Picks

Our Curvy Model of the Month, Brittany Winston, offers her tips and picks to stay cute and comfortable while getting your work out on.

Brittany Winston Jan, 07, 2015

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"I love working out! I try to hit the gym at least 3 times a week but with my schedule it's not always possible. I always try to work up a sweat even if it's a quick circuit in my living room or hotel room. The Stair climber and Spin classes are my go-to cardio before I lift weights." ––Brittany Winston, Dorothy Combs Models

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"Super light weight and comfortable and comes in EVERY color!" our Curvy Model says.

Nike Free Trainer Shoe $110,

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"This works wonders at keeping my edges laid while I work out!" Brittany assures us.

Save Your Do Head Wrap $24.95-29.95,

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"Because callouses aren't cute, but these gloves are!" Truer words have never been said.

G-Loves Workout Gloves $45,

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"Major support and its breathable so yours ladies aren't suffocated," Brittany says. Good deal!

Adidas Energy Sports Bra $55,

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Our Curvy Model of the Month loves this brand. "They are absolutely adorable and inexpensive!" she says.

RBX Brand Workout Clothes $14.99,

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Take a tip from our Curvy Model's pick. "They hug your curves and make your booty look great!" she says.

Gapfit Gfast Capris $54.95,

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"They are cute enough to wear running errands or to the gym," Brittany says. 

Under Armour Tech Zip Tops $33.99,

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Why does Brittany pick this? "It's light weight and has a separate shoe bag inside," she says. Score!

Reebok Woman's Studio Bag $40,

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You can get your jam on without getting caught up in the cord.

Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones $379.95,

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"The gym can be gross this helps combat the ick factor," Brittany says.

Towelmate Fitness Towel $25,