Curvy Girl Style: Stylist Tips & Tricks

Celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster has worked his magic on curvy and full-figured stars ranging from Beyonce and Viola Davis to Angie Stone. Take notes as he walks through his 8 great tips to keep you looking fabulous at all times.
Celia L. Smith Jan, 29, 2012

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Kithe Says: “The most important thing for a curvy girl is to separate the curves. There are many ways to define one’s waist, and belts are probably the simplest way.”

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Kithe Says: “It’s always a great and easy tip. However, bright colors are exciting, so you can always use them with a dark-colored basic. Predominantly, if you want to look really sleek, a black, navy or a dark brown look is going to win.”

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Kithe Says: “Smart dressing is about negating the negative and accentuating the positive, and if you’re a curvy girl you’ve got to choose very carefully. I would stay away from bright colors and go into darker prints.”

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Kithe Says: “I suggest if you’re really curvy and you’re going to wear a mini, you should wear tights underneath for a more finished look, and make sure the skirt covers up well.”

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Kithe Says: “Layering can be a curvy girl’s friend. A cardigan or some sort of tunic that works over the jean, giving you the skinny silhouette on the bottom with a nice high heel, is a really great look on a curvy girl. What isn’t great is when everything is tight, tight, tight. When you layer you can work that tight-on-the-bottom silhouette with a looser piece on top. It’s a flirty layering way to make it fun and exciting.”
“What I think is the simplest and works the best is the total body suit underneath for curvy girls. There are a lot of lumpy shapes out there, and women think they’re doing themselves a favor by Spanx-ing and putting on undergarments. But if it comes off looking really lumpy and not smooth then you haven’t really helped yourself.”

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Kithe Says: “Wrap tops are a great way to be able to wear a bra and still have some cleavage. I think it’s just a sexy way to look really great. And I like the idea of putting a belt on top of wrap dresses — that finished waist on a curvy girl is always what separates her.”

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Kithe Says: “I always say to curvy girls: Learn how to wear heels. It just makes your whole presentation that much stronger when you can lengthen your silhouette with a nice high heel. I find that a stacked or platform heel just works better for all women period, and if you’re going to wear something super high, they’re just much easier to walk in and balance.”

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Kithe Says: “The most important thing for a curvy girl is to separate the curves. There are many ways to define ones waist, and belts are probably the simplest and easiest way.”


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