Curvy Girl Style: Body Types and Tips

Curvy Girl Style: Body Types and Tips
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 16, 2012

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Jill Scott’s body type is top heavy, or busty, and gets smaller at the waist, hips and thighs.

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Allow patterns to accentuate and highlight the under served areas. Jill Scott’s striped leggings does the trick, drawing all eyes on her legs and down-playing her top half in all black.

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A rectangle shape like Queen Latifah’s, means your roughly the same size from shoulder to bust to hips, with minimal definition in the waistline or midsection.

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Selecting silhouettes like Queen’s fitted blazer, that cinch in at the waistline creates a curvy silhouette.

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Others may refer to this shape as round or apple which simply means having a fuller upper body and mid-section like Amber Riley.

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Colors play an important role. Brighter colors highlight and enhance while darker hues create a slimmer illusion. Riley’s white top draws attention to her bust line, while the black cropped trousers create an inverted triangle. Overall, the two hues together create a more shapely appearance.

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A shape that is curvy but with a clearly defined waistline creates an hourglass silhouette like Beverly Johnson’s.

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Experimenting with different silhouettes is the best way to play up or transform your shape. Here, Beverly Johnson’s bell-sleeves play up her natural curves.


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