Curvy Darlings Pulling Off Crop Tops: 16 Head-Turning Looks

Take a peek at how these curvy beauties are pulling off this hot summer trend! 

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This print obsessed style blogger is killing the fashion scene in this lovely pants set.

Insta: @AmarachiUkachu

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This plus size beauty is schooling us on opulent style in this all-white attire.  

Insta: @kellyaugustineb

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This fashion maven is ignoring the critics and showing the curvy ladies how to sport a chic crop top. 

Insta: @jenesaisquoithe

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This digital darling is keeping it fun in distressed denim with accents of dramatic yellow. 

Insta: @MissLionHunter

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Ladies, imitation is the highest form of flattery and this look is worth stealing! 

Insta: @EssieGolden

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This crop-top, off-the-shoulder set is to die for!

Insta: @Ciaa

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This watermelon print crop-top set is right on time for the summer!

Insta: essiegolden

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Stylish yet simple! Kellie shows us how to sport this hot trend easily in black and white. 

Insta: @ItsMeKellieB

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This printed crop-top look just took us over the edge with the subtle pockets. 

Insta: @essiegolden

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Print on print is the name of this style game. 

Insta: @AmarachiUkachu

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Black, white and dose of stripes never looked so fab!

Insta: @jenesaisquoithe

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This personal style blogger is exuding confidence like no other. 

Insta: @essiegolden

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Jezra knew how to keep this trend smoking hot in an all black ensemble. 

Insta: @jezra_m

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Talk about stylishly slaying the summer in a see-thru crop top! 

Insta: @MissLionHunter

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What better way to flaunt your curves than in a body-con skirt set?

Insta: @Ciaa

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Summer time calls for bright neons and fun stripes!

Insta: @shenelldujour_est