Cree Summer's Sweetest Family Moments

Now that we're done binge-watching A Different World on Netflix (it debuted last week), we're totally in reminiscing mode and thinking about the characters we loved. Can you believe Freddie (Summer) is a mom of two? The actress-singer loves sharing her family life on Instagram. Here's a peek at her sweetest moments with her daughters and hubby.

Yolanda Sangweni Mar, 23, 2015

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Our cuteness meter is going crazy here.

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Mommy and her babies love the outdoors.

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Cree's daughters Brave and Hero are the cuttest little ballerinas.

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A Different World co-star Jasmine Guy pays Cree's daughters a visit.

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Cree's hubby Angelo Pullen cuddles up with their two daughters Hero and Brave.

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Roar, little momma!!

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Sisters in cuteness.

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"If you are lucky enough to find a Weirdo never let them go..." wrote Cree.

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"Serious Ballet Bidnass," wrote Cree.

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Cuteness overload, courtesy of Mr. Cree Summer, Angelo Pullen.

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Mommy and daughter time!

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Of course she glowed during her pregnancy.

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"And THIS is why You Are My Valentine," wrote Summer as her hubby rocked fairy wings.

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Cree and her hubby Angelo Pullen are totally our couple crush.