The Coveteur: 5 Five Facts About Zendaya Coleman

Your girl crush's girl crush just spilled all in a recent interview with The Coveteur.

Virginia Lowman Mar, 17, 2016

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She's got her own Barbie, she's the face of one of the biggest drugstore makeup line around—perhaps you've heard of it, it's called Cover Girl. And, she's also the brand ambassador for Chi. Zendaya is winning, no question about it. Recently, she sat down with The Coveteur and dished on a few beauty secrets she's learned on her road to super stardom.

For starters, when it comes to showering, she keeps her hair away from body wash claiming that "the detergents and fragrance will dry out your hair." She also swears by silk pillowcases to keep her locs moisturized.

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Obviously she's a beuaty girl. Her must have products are CoverGirl LashBlast ($6), TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette ($11, at and Oh, Sugar! Tinted Lip Balm ($8, all at She loves good summer glow.

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She loves that beauty is increasingly becoming more and more about the art of the craft and personal happines and  less about women seeking acceptance of others.

"Changing up your look is not for somebody else, it’s to look good for yourself. I love seeing that with makeup and hair gurus on Twitter and Instagram, it’s just dope."

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No she doens't diet and yes, ice cream is her favorite snack.

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She's big on individuality and believes that the "greats of the great" just did their own thing without caring about what anyone else thought.