Couples Sex Therapy 101

Is your sex life a little lackluster? Try these 5 expert-approved fixes for instant sparks between the sheets.

Charli Penn Aug, 12, 2013

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Clinical sexologist Nikki Morgan says you can always have more pleasure between the sheets; you just have to work together. Here, she tells you how.

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Here’s a new spin on foreplay: Sit down opposite of each other. Don’t talk, just gaze into each other’s eyes and breathe. “Think of it as breathing out through your head and in through your heart,” says Morgan. “Focus on very deep breaths. It oxygenates the body, and you begin to fall into a very loving trance.” As you breath in and out, begin to caress each other. Morgan tells us this process begins to link your sexual desires.

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As tempting as it can be to look away and get lost in the bliss of an orgasm, Morgan says locking eyes instead can be very intense. It heightens the passion and brings you even closer.

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If you want to strengthen your vaginal muscles, you can do daily Kegal exercises. Men often rely on the women to do all the sexual “fitness,” but the truth is, they can work out their private parts too. Morgan recommends men put a wet towel on their erect penis and pull in and up, almost in th same manner that they would try to hold their urine. “It’s basically pull ups for their penis,” she says. “It strengthens the penis, and to be more specific, it increases the cardio vascular health of their penis and blood can flow more freely and they get a nice strong and erect penis.” Ladies, drop those Kegal balls and put your man to work!

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Healthy eating doesn’t just positively affect your body; it can better your sex life too.
Fried foods slow down your libido and sugary treats can affect your blood flow — which will in turn negatively affect how you’re both receiving pleasure in general. To share a more heightened sex experience together, cut out the junk for at least a week. No cheating! The better the meals, the better your orgasm. “If you really want to punch it, go on a diet that’s high in vegetable and fruit intake.”

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Want more endurance? Take daily jogs together and step up those calisthenics. Morgan says strengthening your core is key in longer lasting sex. Ladies, we know sit ups and push ups are never fun, but it’s time to work them into your daily routine — you will feel like a superhero between the sheets if you do, we promise!