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The arrival of fall brings chilly weather, colorful foliage, and the most enjoyable, Spa Week. From October 20 to 26 spa-goers around the country will enjoy full-service treatments, normally costing tons of money, for just $50 dollars each. And these aren’t your typical treatments, we’re talking procedures that help with cellulite reduction and even skin tightening.

According to researchers at, the top three major metropolitan cities with the most spa lovers are New York City (21%), Los Angeles (18%) and San Francisco (8%). Read on to find out what spa treatments you should get into in your town.

Deena Campbell Oct, 15, 2014

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Although it looks a little weird, the Slimline pod is like entering a space age-style sauna. Inside, the device will heat up your core temperature to burn calories to help with cellulite reduction and skin tightening. And the coolest part? The calories will keep burning long after you're out of the pod. 

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If body wraps are more your style, check out the Eau Spa at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. Their special 'Cocoon' Body wrap includes a warming dry float experience and a special slimming body wrap. 

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Got a head full of stress that keeps you up at night? Try out the 50 minute "The Chicago Tribune Favorite" Indian head massage. Based on the ancient Eastern treatment, this massage focuses on your head, face, neck and shoulders to help relieve stress, anxiety and mental tension. But it doesn't just stop there; instead, it rebalances your whole body.  

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For the ideal in semi-permanent makeup and beauty marks, turn to the ladies at Julie Michaud Prettyology. From eyebrows and eyeliners to beauty marks, they can shorten your daily beauty routine, the right way. 

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If you're near the Lumiere Fitness Spa in Houston, have a BioTe Hormone Consultation. The procedure uses hormones derived from plant sources to replicate your body's normal hormone levels. By placing pellets under the skin, you'll get a constant release of small doses of natural homrones. 

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The treatment at this spa gem is based on an ancient ritual that stimulates the production of hormones to maintain uterine health. The two 30-minute V-Infusion treatments tone, detoxify and balance your lady bits, giving way to regular menstrual cycles, better circulation, less hormonal acne and better digestive health. 

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For an effortless way to relax, try out the infinity float at Infinity Float NYC in New York. You'll literally get to float in a bath of epsom salt, 10" deep, with no forces of gravity, light, sound or tactile sensations. This is the perfect form of stress relief and detoxification. And research has shown that floating can help to relieve pan, treat anxiety, reduce jet lag, improve concentration and creativity and more. 

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A Healing Arts Center offers two specials that will leave your face and neck, truly pampered. Start with the chine facial reading that will detect all kinds of diseases. Then try out the cupping massage for the face and neck that will promote collagen production, toning and lymphatic drainage. 

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The SkinHealth Center in Boston specializes in all things skin. They have a 'Cap Zap' spot treatment that will get rid of any broken capillaries on your nose, cheek or chin. 

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If you want to shed a little more than some dead skin, then the Slenderpress Treatment is for you. Immediately stimulating venous returns will eliminate toxins fast from the cells. And compbined with infrared heat, you literally shrink--tossing off two or three pounds instantly!

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The Raindrop Therapy at the Euphoria Massage and Spa in Little Falls will help you rid your body of toxins, dormant viruses and bacteria. The oils used will give your  systems a flush, restoring them to their natural balance--especially the weak body systems--leaving you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally restored. 

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Get pampered and get rid of stress at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa with their 50 minute De-Stress Body Treatment that features deep skin exfoliation, an aromatherapeutic body wrap and relaxing scalp massage.

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Prep for the winter season with L'Institut Sothys New York's orange and quince seasonal facial that's complete with extractions.

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SHRINK Studios uses LED lights to improve your skins tone and texture. With the Blue Light Acne Therapy Mask, Red Light Fine Line and Wrinkles Mask or the Green Light Age Spot Therapy, you can walk away from this spa with a non-invasive face lift. 

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The Restorations Wellness Center and Spa in Colorado has found the ultimate in spa treatments. Their Formostar body wraps help burn up to 1,400 calories, while it tones muscles and increases metabolic rates. The infared heat wrap breaks up the blockages in your blood vessels, causing the oxygen distribution to balance out and you to sweat out toxins. 

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The special loofah body buff and scrub you'll get in a turkish bath at the Contour Day spa uses seas salts and aromatherapy oils to exfoliate every inch of your body. This treatment is perfect for preventing cellulite, stimulating and invigorating cell regeneration and giving your skin the extra nourishment it needs. 

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Looking for a non-invasive way to get healthier, more radiant skin? Well look no further than the TRIFECTA Med Spa in New York where they have a vibradermabrasion treatment. Mean to stimulate collagen growth, this painless treatment uses a rapidly vibrating sterile paddle that removes layers of damaged skin tissue. 

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Shoreline Massage Therapy's fire cupping massage is mean to release the pressue in tight, painful muscles and to increase circulation throughout. By pulling the muscles into the cups, they loosen up and a rush of blood brings fresh nutrients to the area. 

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Take a page from the Buddhist book and try the "One FInger Zen Meditation" at the Akai Wellness Center. Involving a 3-stage chant that increases both your ability to sense the engery fields of others, as well as your ability to project healing toward others, you'll leave this spa more at peace. 


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