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Common Talks About Diesel Only the Brave Fragrance
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 16, 2009

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Our favorite renaissance man Common is the face of Diesel’s new fragrance for men called Only The Brave. The recently launched scent boasts top notes of lemon blossom, mandarin and coriander leaves, making it a perfect gift for the stud in your life. caught up with the busy Chicago native to find out why he chose to partner with Diesel, his favorite teenage fragrance memory and the type of scent he likes to smell on a lady.

By: Bridgette Bartlett

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“When I found out it was a fragrance called Only The Brave, I was into it. I’m into bravery and courage. That’s the type of artist I aim to be. At the end of the day, if my name is attached to a product it has to live up to the standards that I have,” says the rapper turned actor.

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The scent is for men who take a stand and control their own destiny, seizing opportunities and making a difference.

“It was real cool working with the people from Diesel. Only The Brave is about being an individual. It’s a great mantra,” says Common.

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“We wanted the [Only The Brave] commercial to embody who I am. Before anything, I’m a man. Yes, I’m an artist, a writer and an actor. But before any of that, I’m a man,” schools the father and activist.

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“Only The Brave definitely has a fresh smell to it. It doesn’t smell like anything I have tried before. It has it’s own unique aroma,” comments Common on the new Diesel scent for men.

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Common dishes on his exciting plans to promote the new fragrance internationally: “We’re doing a block party in both France and Spain.”

Inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave is a fragrance about making an impact.

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“Good smells can definitely be an aphrodisiac. I like when a woman can mix a musk with something else to give it a rich but sweet aroma. It feels almost soulful,” reveals Common.

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“The first fragrance I wore as a teenager was Polo. Man, I remember when I got that cologne all the girls would be jumping on me,” jokes the hip-hop vet.

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Common, who is slated to appear in the highly anticipated summer flick “Terminator Salvation,” is no stranger to creative partnerships. Last year the 37-year-old collaborated with digital giant Microsoft for the hip T-shirt line Softwear.

“I really want to show the world that I’m diverse,” Common explains.

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Common has more than a decade of experience in the music industry and looks forward to nurturing a relationship with the Diesel family.

“When I partner up with a brand it has to be something that I think I want to continue a relationship with and not just say ‘Okay, we did the commercial and peace.’ We are really trying to continue to do different projects that will be cool and connect with the people,” says the Grammy winner.

Only The Brave starts at $53 and is available at fine department stores nationwide and on


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