Color Theory

Carla Gentry Osorio and her Styles New York Salon team prove that fun, temporary hair hues aren't just for kids

Nykia Spradley Jul, 29, 2014

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Want to know the tricks to pulling off bubblegum-pink hair? Subtle placement, a great cut and a sleek blowout. To transport these Halloween-friendly clip-ins into a chic, grown-up zone, look for human hair options that allow you to manipulate the texture with heat.

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HairUWear Human Hair Color Extensions in Light Purple ($10,

Snazzy Lites Color Clip-in Human Hair Extensions in Playful Pink ($12,

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If primary colors aren't your thing, try this fresh spin on ombré. We created a wide bronze band by dusting a shimmery eye shadow three quarters of the way down from the crown, followed by two inches of golden hair chalk on the ends. Fair warning: This look has the least amount of staying power. The hue rubs off easily, so wear a sleeveless shirt and be prepared either to wash it out before bedtime or to cover your hair to avoid ruining your sheets.

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TINT Hair Chalk in Golden Girl ($20,

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MAC Eye Shadow in Antiqued ($15,

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MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush ($53,

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Liquid tints can deliver a more vibrant payoff, but they can dry stiff and tangle strands. Instead of air-drying, pass a blow-dryer over locks after applying. The heat keeps them soft and crunch-free. Or brush air-dried colored hair softly and dab with leave-in conditioner to soften.

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L'Oréal Professionnel HairChalk in Blue Ocean Cruise ($24, for salons)

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Spray formulas can get messy, so use a sheet of paper as a barrier to prevent pigment transfer onto your clothes or other parts of your hair. The upside is once it's on, the shade will stay put until you wash it out—a little bit of work for a whole lot of pretty.

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Rita Hazan Pop Color in Blue ($18,


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